Becoming Literate in the Information Age

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Results: Professor #1 began her work experience at Frank’s Char Broiler. As a cashier, it was her job to input the amount each customer’s total and count the change she was to give back to them. This was the beginning of her journey dealing with technology in the working world. In highschool she joined a class called ROP which she “still does not know to this day what it stands for”. The class helped highschool students get a start in the working world to build up their resume, get money to save up for college, and get class credit.

By enrolling in the class, she instantly got hired at the First Interstate Bank in Santa Barbara as a bank teller. Her job was to deal with customers, technologically her job was to input the numerical amounts into a database on the company’s computer. She worked here throughout her senior year but discontinued her time at the bank when she left the ROP class to move onto Santa Barbara Community College. While attending SBCC she got hired to do lab work at Cottage Hospital. She was a researcher in the lab, she worked intimately with the technology in the lab.

Her first day there she “(cold pristeness etc. ig cold and industrial)”. Although the machinery was advanced for the time, most of the lab work was done by hand. Professor #2 began at working experience age 8 as a newspaper delivery boy. When asked what technology he used at this age in the late 50’s, he told us he used “(folded paper and tied rubberbands around them)”. As he continued his schooling career he quit his day job and focused on his studies. Eventually this payed off when he was accepting UC Davis. During the summers, he came back home and worked as a postal serviceman for the Los Angeles Post Office.

He delivered mail to the people around the LA area for four years until he graduated and was hired as a researcher in Queensland, Australia. He then moved back to California to become a teacher at Florida Atlantic University. This was his first full time teaching job. He took advantage of the technological advances of the time and integrated videos into his lectures. He added another mode of teaching into the ciriculum. After years of teaching in Florida, he was offered a job at Channel Islands as a Professor. He moved with his wife to the Camarillo area and began his stay at the college.

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