Becoming a Fashionista

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Being a fashion designer allow one to express what is hiding behind the heart, it shows how much passion a person have for designing. Those who are destined to become a fashionista, always think about what they have created will benefit the world or even the society. These people have been dreaming of this since childhood, spending all day’s worth reading the hottest VOGUE magazines, designing the perfect outfit for that special Barbie doll, or even running a boutique at the age of 10 (www. fashion. net) . Fashion designers are those who focus their lives making what look good on people.

They go down in history as contributors, as people who changed the look of the world. Kimora Lee Simons, one of the world’s most fierce fashion designers, owning a very successful clothing line, Baby Phat, inspire many people in this world. Her dedications only lead up to greatness. She started when she was only 11 years old, being enrolled in modeling class, when she later on received a contract from Chanel (Kimora Lee Simmons). Her inspiration was her husband, Russell Lee Simmons, designer of Phat Farm. He help Kimora become the millionaire today, sharing her expense with her two daughters.

Ralph Lauren, a fashion icon, based his creations on a moneyed style that evoked the look of English aristocracy, as adapted by the sporty, East-Coast American elite. The preppy look on men and women really stuck to him. Lauren’s vision appealed to a wide spectrum of people, and his label quickly turned into an empire. Seeing how his clothing was associated with a certain lifestyle, starting in 1983 he expanded his business to include a range of home accessories that would eventually include pillows, throws, bed and bath products, furniture, and household paint.

Lauren also diversified the appeal of his label by creating lines of clothing and accessories targeted at a wide range of price points and demographics, including a jeans line and a children’s line (www. Biography. com). One of Ralph Lauren favorite quotes is “Knowledge is not a passion from without the mind, but an active exertion of the inward strength, vigor and power of the mind, displaying itself from within,” (Ralph Lauren / www. Thinkexist. com) really speak to many upcoming fashion designers.

His contribution makes him the icon he is today. Fashion designing is a field that basically concerns with designing of cloths and accessories (unknown publisher). Those who are chosen to become fashion designers often are terrific artist. They have gone through long studies of how to draw a perfect line, good texture, and the ability to determine what things go together. Fashion designers must have patience when drawing the one design that could sell millions. Time and effort also goes along with the role of becoming a fashionista.

What will attract people; what is the most popular color; who will wear this creation. These are all the things upcoming fashion designers need to know. Ideals are always needed to be present. It is a fashion designer’s job to set the trend for VIP all the way down to the common people. They should be able to create a design for both genders, yet making sure it doesn’t be too feminine or masculine. Fashion designers have to know what’s in or what’s out. Like the summer fashion or the winter fashion.

They should know how come fashions are repeating itself, but yet last years trendy clothes are considered back dated. An upcoming fashion designer must think outside the box to become unique and different. They must prove to the world and future customer that they could be the next Ralph Lauren. Those who want to become a fashion designer, the correct choice of college is a necessity. There are many colleges across the world that offers great programs pertaining to fashion. Whether in fashion merchandise or fashion marketing, all it takes is the belief of reaching that goal.

Designers like Vanessa and Angela Simmons, creators of the sneaker line pastry, attend the fashion institute of technology (www. buddytv. com). With this being said, anyone who’s willing to pursue a career in fashion design should start researching on what is best for them, get active, contact others people in your city who want the same thing, most important make sure this is what life should be spent on. In all this work, fashion designers should come up with a name that would be appealing to the audience.

The name that is thought of, should not only catch the “eye”, it should also relate the clothes that’s created. Branding a clothing line or naming a store starts by making a clear decision on your clothing line’s concept and target. A thirty seconds statement about your brand will help your brand and logo match together. Don’t be afraid to be visionary and think ahead of time. Starting a fashion line is hard, interesting, and fun but it takes a lot of preparation, time, money, and responsibility.

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