Beato Angelico Waste Disposal Management

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At the end of the 6th floor (Architecture Side) of the Beat Angelica building is the Organization room of the College (Room 608). Here lies the different student organizations. Inside are dividers which segregate the different organizations. Because of this, a lot of waste that are obviously produced by the students could possibly be trapped or hidden within each partition. The waiting area of the organization room is small and could only cater a number of students.

The orgasm is open for all students. There is 1 small trash bin which caters to all the waste generated by the organizations. The lack of trash bins might be the cause of wastes such as papers, food leftovers, boards, etc. Are left on the floor and on the benches. Trash bins are small. Waste is not properly segregated. No proper place for the belongings and equipments of the students. The problem is mainly because of the size of the room which is small. With this, I came up with these solutions. PROPOSED SOLUTIONS:

Limit the number of students entering the orgasm to avoid students leaving their trash. Allocate trash bins for every organization to minimize and control waste within the room. Additional trash bins outside the organization room segregate and to limit the waste entering the room. Trash bins should be larger because the existing trash bins easily get full. Provide cabinets for proper storage of files, equipments and other belongings. Transparent dividers should be used to easily detect trash.

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