Bayeaux Tapestry Experience

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Thanks to the friendly winds which guided us across the channel, we arrive unopposed on English shores. Defenses are built and fortified as the men, motivated by my words feast on food and wine as we await the moment of truth. We have the advantage over the enemy, for the horses we ride provide us strength and quickness. We are truly blessed that the English have turned back Herald Hatred and the Norwegian at Stamford Bridge. Now there is one less opponent to fight for my crown. Though battle tested and weary, Harold of Wastes will not easily relinquish what is rightfully mine.

Remember, it is Harold who swore allegiance to me after I reed him from Count Guy of Pointier. I gave him arms and armor as he swore the sacred oath upon saintly relics. That oath, a pledge to support my claim to the English throne was broken (New World Encyclopedia, 2009). As I await my messenger to relay information about the location of the English, our army prepares for the impending battle. Calvary horses neigh nervously as a chill fills the ocean air. Archers ready their bows in preparation for the rain of arrows that will be unleashed upon the English.

Harold of Wastes and the English army appear from the north as the moment to commence fighting draws near. We are prepared for we have created many weapons to ensure our victory. Swords, battle axes, and many carts containing hundreds of spears were loaded on the ships before our voyage. Helmets and chain mail, the typical armor of the day cover our army for protection (Hagen, 2005). I am confident our armory is sufficiently stocked to inflict the destruction needed for victory. The English army is well defended itself.

Trenches are dug to counter our horses and to bide time for man on man combat with the skill of their axe men. English axe men pose a serious problem to our cavalry. It has been said that an English axe can easily ever a horse’s head and cut deeply into the earth ( (Hagen, 2005). Alas, the English are no match for our strength! The time has come and the battle for my Kingdom begins. Harold and his soldiers hide from the rain of arrows unleashed upon them. Then as they look up from their defenses, we will ride upon them and be ready to strike.

As I lead the charge I cannot help but notice the shields employed by the English. Besides their strength and protection, the artistry and craftsmanship amaze me as I prepare to strike my lance into the chest of the English beast. Both sides are brave and setter losses as men hack and spear each other to death Dead and wounded soldiers litter the battlefield in a stench that can only be described by death itself. For you people of France, I will fight on as inspiration surrounds this arena. Even my brother, Bishop DOD of Beaux takes part in this campaign for he too supports my entitlement.

Being a member of the clergy, “DOD uses a club rather than a sword as bishops are not supposed to shed blood” (Museum of Reading, 2011). The backing of the church is evident as well. “Count Stance carries an elaborate banner, one given by the Pope to show his support for this invasion of England” (Museum of Reading, 2011). Destiny appears to e on our side, for the English fortifications have weakened. Our soldiers break through their shield wall and continue with the carnage. As bodies dot the landscape, the spoils of war are going to the victors.

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