Battery Percentage Reveals iPhone Battery Health

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Finally, there’s  a new app in town that gives you complete details on your device without a jailbreak. Previously undetectable details for a non-jailbroken app, but easily available since years on a jilabroken phone on the exclusive Cydia store, the app is called Battery Percentage, and yes, it is availble completely free of charge. In exchange for very annoying banner ads smeared across your screen and constantly popping in your face, the app gives very useful reviews on your battery stats, including but not limited to:

  • Current battery health
  • Voltage receive
  • Temperate of the battery right now
  • Capacity of the battery (determines wear and tear)
  • And most importantly, battery cycles completed

A battery cycle is known as when there’s a complete discharge (battery drops to an absolute zero, and your device is completely switched off and then charged to a full 100%). Several websites claim that users should voluntarily do this at least once a month to keep the charging capacity running good, but in the long run, this has been proven to be of little to no use. Lithium ION batteries like those used by the iPhone are designed not to recalibrate themselves this way.

Either way, it’s always a useful idea to get some inside information on what goes on under the hood of your powerful smartphone. This sort of information is especially useful when you’re buying a second hand device or looking for sued device options and want to really authenticate the battery. Although the app doesn’t say so on its own, and neither does Apple claim to have a shelf life of its batteries, it’s a safe idea to assume after 3 years (at maximum), the charging capacity of the battery starts to notably drop down.

Among other non battery features include:

  • A cool looking graph that determines amount of memory currently in use
  • Free memory graph
  • Tests for running diagnosis on Screen (dead pixel checking)
  • Camera
  • Speakers
  • Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Volume Button

The battery level gauge itself is divided in 6 words: perfect, good, normal, bad, very bad and almost die. These factors give you a good idea if your battery needs to be replaced soon or not. As a rule of thumb, such apps are useful if you get your devices outside of Apple’s authentic iStores and from an unauthorized repairman.

Go ahead, give the app a try and share your feedback with us at our official Facebook page

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