Basics of Management

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It also means that the more experience you have the better manager you are science – means that there are various scientific theories, concepts, methods and tools which help managers in their day to day activity. Those theories are based on numerous empirical studies and findings Project yachtswoman z Unit Europeanizes What is Organization? Organization is a group of people, who collaborate in coordinated way to achieve established set of goals R. W.

Griffin Organization is a collectivity with a relatively identifiable boundaries, a normative order (rules), ranks of authority (hierarchy), communication systems and membership ordination systems (procedures); this collectivity exists on a relatively continuous basis, exists in an environment, and engages in activities that are usually related to a set of goals; the activities have outcomes for organizational members, for organization itself, and for society R. H.

Hall Project wasp*Theologians z null Europeanizes Ways of behavior, norms and values shared by organizational members The manner in which organization components – its departments, divisions, boards, committees, or any other subunits – are designed and interrelated Model of Organization STRUCTURE A long-there plan of organization’s activity

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