Basic Skills In Volleyball

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The game of Volleyball involves some basic skills that need to be mastered by the players in order to become competitive. These skills include attack, set, serve, pass, block and dig. There are specific techniques which are involved as a part of these basic skills. Acquiring these skills has been considered to be one of the key success factors in Volleyball of even high level.

The player who serves the ball generally stands behind the inline and the attempt of this player is to ensure that the ball can be driven in the court of the opponents. The prime objective of this player is to ensure that the ball should land in the court of the other team. The player also plays an important role in setting the direction of the ball as well to set its acceleration and speed. The aim is to ensure that the opponents are not able to handle the ball appropriately.

An ‘ace’ can be described as a serve when the ball travels in a manner that it lands outside the court once it has been touched by the players of the opponent team.
There are different types of serves that have been defined in the contemporary Volleyball game. These are Overhand and Underhand Serve, Sky ball Serve, Cross-court and Line Serve, Top Spin, Floater Spin, Jump Serve, Jump Float, Round-house Serve, and Hybrid Serve.

Pass is also given another name that is ‘reception’. It can be described as an attempt that is made by a team in order to being able to handle the serve from the opponent team. This generally involves an effort to ensure that the ball can be prevented from touching the court and also an attempt is made so as to ensure that the ball can reach the position of the setter. There are two specific techniques that are involved in the technique of passing. These are underarm pass or bump and the overhand pass. Both these techniques are considered to be acceptable in the beach as well as in the professional Volleyball.

The second contact that is made by the team with the ball defines the set skill. The prime objective of this skill is to ensure that the ball can be put in the air in a manner that it is possible for the players to drive it back in the opponent’s court. The setter is primarily responsible for coordinating the various offensive movements of the players of a given team. It is also the duty of the setter to take decisions related to assigning the attacker responsibilities in the team. There are different techniques that are a part of this skill also that is an overhand and a bump set and one can categorically distinguish between the two types of techniques.

The third contact that the team establishes with the ball is generally indicated by ‘attack’. The prime objective of attacking is to handle the ball in a manner such that when it lands in the opponent’s court, it cannot be successfully handled by the players of the opponent team.

The action that is taken by the different players who are standing at the net in order to either alter or stop the attack of the opponent is termed as blocking. The prime objective is to completely stop an attack by making use of this skill.

The ability that can be useful in preventing the ball from touching the court after a particular attack or a spike is termed as digging. This skill in many ways is similar to bumping, passing and it is possible to distinguish between the several defensive actions.

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