Basic Rowing Techniques

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There are many things to consider if you want to become a good athlete and for some of them there is nothing much you can do. You need to love the sport and be passionate about winning, you need to have talent and skills, you need physical strength and of course you need to build a good technique. Especially in rowing, a good technique will help you achieve a high level of performance.

The boat has influences from two kinds of forces, the positive force causing it to speed and the negative force causing it to slow down. The athlete needs to master these forces in order to be able to do the movements that are required at the time that they are required. The velocity of the boat is based on these forces and the crew is the factor that determines that. A good crew has the less possible variation from the average velocity of the boat in normal movements. During the stroke cycle, the boat faces acceleration and recovery and in order for the cycle to be successful the team needs to work together as one person. So, one of the most vital parts for winning is to have a team that resembles one very powerful individual.
The maximum speed of the boat is achieved right after the oar gets out of the water. The minimum speed is shown when the oar enters the water. This is explained by understanding the body movements. The athletes also make a movement cycle and this affects the speed of the boat. In order to make the boat move faster, the athlete should be strong and also able to move fast as his own movement affects the cycle. Power and fast movement are the two keys to make the boat move fast. This is why coaches agree that the athletes should have physical strength combined with fast strokes.

As stated above, the boat slows down when the oar enters the water. To reduce this phenomenon, the athlete must move the oar in a way that it enters the water properly. This is the basic factor that when mastered will allow the athlete to reduce the negative force. There is no way that the negative force can be reduced to zero, but the technique used by the athletes can certainly limit it and make the boat faster. The angle of the body also plays an important role in the way the boat will move. It is important that the athlete uses his height by being in a natural position and not pushing his shoulders too far thinking that he is more powerful this way. Body weight also plays an important role as body muscles are used to produce the cycle. The key is to use the technique according to your physical situation. The body weight will also be used to transmit force to the oars. The shoulders and arms will be used to end the stroke cycle when at that time the body weight should be kept behind the oars.

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