Bar Billiards

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Bar Billiards has been identified as one of the forms of Billiards. This form of Billiards is based on one of the traditional games called Bagatelle. The original foundation of this game is actually from a French game or a Belgian game called Billiard Russe.

The current form of the game, in which it is presently played, first started in 1930s in UK. This game is also identified as one of the traditional games in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Northampton Shire, and others. In fact, these countries are the prime participants of the Bar Billiards Association of England. Use of standard ‘league’ tables is made in playing the game of Bar Billiards. These tables provide as a surface for playing that is approximately 32 inches in its width. However, there is another table size also available that is narrower and is around 28 inches in width as far as its playing surface is concerned.

The use of a specially designed billiards table is made in order to play the game of Bar Billiards. This table is not provided with any corner or side pockets. However, there are a total of 9 holes present in the entire playing surface of the table. All these holes are assigned with different point values. These point values range from 10 to 200. The use of a total of 200 balls is made in order to play this game. Out of these, with a total of eight balls that are used, seven of them are white in color while one of them is red. If a player is able to pot the red ball in any of the nine holes, then he will be entitled to a double score. There are three pegs present on the playfield. There is a horizontal wire that generally passes through each of the pegs. In the earlier times, the versions that were used for the game, made use of the mushrooms in place of the pegs. Mushrooms were considered to be suitable for use as they have a rounded cap which is flat in nature and they also have a thin stalk. The version of Bar Billiards in which the use of mushrooms was made was termed as ‘Russian Billiards’.

While playing this game, the player’s break comes to an end if he knocks down the white peg. In such an instance, a complete score of the player is also acquired in which he has scored during a particular break. In case the black peg is knocked by the player, then also the player’s break will come to an end and he will be losing all the points that he has accumulated so far. In case, while playing, the player actually knocks both white as well as black peg, then the use of only the first peg that has been knocked is required.

In this game, one end of the table is mainly used to play all the shots. Thus, it is not important that the players should have an access to all the ends of the table. The different players will generally have turns on an alternate basis on the shooting end of the table.

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