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Eleksyn group is one of the first companies that entered the Wearable Electronic market with a commercial product. This product is a textile based sensor called ElekTex. ElekTex it is a very highly versatile and innovative technology which provides the basis of interface between the users and electronic devices by for a soft, flexible, and lightweight interface. This unique fabric structure accurately sense location on three axes – X, Y and to a certain degree Z, this material is less then 1mm thick. This ElekTex not only senses where it is being touched (the X and Y axes), but also how hard it is pressed, the Z axis.

Applied pressure sensing is a major advantage of Elektex, which this fabric has on other technologies such as plastic touchpads. The working principle of ElekTex: ElekTex is laminated by two fabric which are comprised of two conductive layers the outer layer is separated by a partially conductive central layer. Two conductive fabric electrodes strips are placed in the each outer layers arranged so that the upper conductive layer has tracks which make contact across its opposing top and bottom edges and the lower conductive layer has conductive tracks up its left and right sides.

The magic comes from the partially conductive central layer that makes ElekTex work. It acts as an insulator in the resting state which, when touched, allows electrical current to flow between the top and bottom layer. Pressure applied to the ElekTex fabric causes two effects. First, the conducting fibers in the central layer when compressed allow contact between neighboring conducting fibres to form a conductive channel through the central layer.

Second, the applied pressure brings the two outer layers into contact with the conductive channel running through the central layer allowing a local circuit to be established between the upper and lower layers. X, Y sensing: The outer layers which is conductive, they are constructed by using moderately resistive components so the high voltage which passes across the sheet shows a voltage drop. when the sensor is pressed, via the top sheet. The y-position is made by applying a voltage to the top sheet and measuring on the lower sheet. The measurements are done at up to 1000 times a second providing, continuous X,Y positional data.

Z-axis pressure sensing: when the fabric is touched or applied pressure then the upper and lower layer comes in contact which forms a conductive channel. By putting more pressure or less pressure will control the resistivity of the two layers. This variable resistance will allow that how much current to pass and how much to stop. BALLISTIC NYLON Ballastic nylon used in our product is a very durable material before it was used to stop bullets in world war 2, but it did not proved to stop bullets but still as being a durable material it is use for many purposes of providing strength to the products.

One of the first applications had to do with luggage. Ballistic nylon is ideal choice for luggage and can be used on the interior of the suitcase and at the trunk. This fabric along with the strength it has it is very easy to clean. In the past years soft-sided luggage became more popular, and ballistic nylon proved to be perfect for these type of bag supports, they can be placed as interior lining of the new style and fashion able bags to make them more durable. Today, everything from carry-on luggage to gym bags is often made of ballistic nylon.

Luggage is not the only modern use for ballistic nylon. Many other products like jackets are made from the material today, as well as tools belts are which are worn by people to carry their stuff and by the construction workers to keep their stuff is also made with this same material to give them the extra strength to keep their heavy items. Even some sports benefit from the use of ballistic nylon. For instance, many kayaks today are framed with a skin of ballistic nylon that is treated for water resistance.

The material has been shown to hold up very well, and is actually quite cost effective when the time comes to replace the skin. MARKETING 4Ps The four P’s of marketing are include product, price, place and promotion. Product This product can be provided in a number of other forms like ladies handbags etc, To increase the sell we should consider the environment of the particular area and consider the needs of the people of that area, base on the information that we get from collected data of the habits and needs of the people we can improve our product to meet that needs for example in Malaysia.

We will focus on the youth of Malaysia, mostly youth while traveling or sitting with friends like to hear music, but if they are outside they need speakers to share the music, with this product they can even share the music with their friends and can enjoy their gatherings. Price

Pricing is ofcourse a very important, as we are focusing on the youth so we require to keep the prices low with providing the better quality, as we have seen that our product is a quality product, so the price of the bag with speakers will be 250RM and with Ipod it will become 500RM, as ipod itself is a very high class brand so the bag price compared to normal bags is expensive but it comes with quality and true portable music. Place

As we mentioned that we are focusing on the youth of the nation and the foreigners who are coming to Malaysia, and we are focusing the middle class and high class people as our target market, here for the starting we will focus on these years Penang, Perak, KL, Selangor, and Sarawak. As these years not only with the new generation but also it’s a tourist spots, so we can promote these bags here and later we will increase the market.

In these locations they can promote the products widely and response to more customer and have a better productivity. Promotion The promotion is one of the important factors to serve and save more and more customers, as long as people can buy the same good things with the affordable price they will always stay till the promotion duration.

The people wants to experience new things but due to cost factor a lot of people are hesitated to buy, so we can provide promotions as well so that people are connected to our product. The elements of promotions are: Sales Promotion: Sales promotions tend to be thought of as being all promotions apart from advertising, personal selling, and public relations for example buy one free one or money-off promotions, competitions, free accessories.

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