Badminton Etiquette

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The game of Badminton was popular between families that were of high social status. It was also common for private schools that had a good reputation and even catholic schools for girls. Schools of the high society almost always had a badminton team. As you can understand, the game has developed etiquette from early times.

Before the beginning of the game, opponents introduce themselves, greet each other if they have met before and wish each other luck. This behavior is still common today for all games. It is a nice move that shows you are here to play the game and win and not to play to win your opponent. It also shows that you respect the fact that your opponent has also reached the same phase as you, as most of the times athletes compete against other athletes of similar capabilities.

When entering the game, you should also have your own shuttles. The shuttles you bring with you should be in excellent condition as they play an important role in the game. You should also respect the time of warm up. Everyone should have as much time as they need to warm up before the game and to hit some shots. This will make the game easier and there is a much lesser chance for the players to get injured.

During the game the player that made a mistake should acknowledge it fairly. A fault made by your side should be called on objectively as you should expect if the situation were reversed. This part of the etiquette has routes in the early games where the players should also have knowledge of the rules as there were no referees or judges to watch the games. Today, if a judge makes a decision on the game, the players should respect his view. The same thing should occur when a player accidentally touches the net, makes a shot that doesn’t comply with the rules or any other action. The player should say that, regardless of whether the judge or the other player has noticed it. Respect and fair play is important for players that want to enjoy reputation and victories.

When your opponent makes an exceptional move and scores, you can acknowledge this fact with a move of the head or a smile. Remember that courtesy is part of the game and you are also there to make a contribution to the game and not to defeat your opponent personally. It is also polite not to talk to your opponent during the game and not to try to distract him or make him mad by your comments. Talking to the fans, the audience or the coach is also considered very rude and should be avoided at all costs.
At the end of the game, remember to shake hands with your opponent. This will show that you respect him as an opponent if you have won the game and it is also vital that you do it if you have lost the game, to congratulate him and acknowledge his victory.

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