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My project is based on a small business called BABU MOTOR MAINTANANCE (BMM). I have interviewed the owner and gained a lot of information on it. BABU MOTOR MAINTANANCE (BMM) is in Harrow. It is a private company. Its location is at a home in the central most part of Harrow (near the main shopping facilities). It has great potential considering it is based in a busy area. The business is not very big at the moment, but is due for expansion later on in the month. The business currently has about 60-70 customers.

The founder of BABU MOTOR MAINTANANCE (BMM) was a man named Babu Vadgama. The current owner is Chagan Vadgama. I have chosen this Company because my dad has used them for his repairs, since they have started up. Since then we have got to know them. Even though Mr. Vadgama is the current owner and the investor of the company he is silent in the day to day running of the business. At the moment there are four members of staff in the business. Most of the work is done by the owner but others do help him for bigger or more complex jobs.

These include the owner. His name is Chagan Vadgama. The assistant. His name is Tej Vadgama. There are also two part time specialists in different fields e.g. electrician. When the company first started up six years ago, there were only one or two customers to start up with but that number has gradually risen to 70 customers. It is still rising every week. The small business has started seeing profits coming through over the last ten months, mainly due to extra competition in the mechanic field. The 70 customers vary from age and gender. The majority of customers are adults between the ages of 20 to 30.

About five months ago, the owner of the business Chagan Vadgama decided to invest in a new Pentium 4 computer. He decided the Company is getting bigger and a new computer would be very helpful to make things more efficient in the Company. The main reason for this investment was to make the Company more efficient. Recently, the Company has specialised Microsoft Word System installed in to make the administration more efficient. This has proved to be the case as the new Word system has helped them a lot. Now the assistant feels they need more out of the computer and that they are not using it to its full potential. He thinks the computer has many useful resources that would make the day to day running of the business much more organised and easier to access. He thinks that at the moment small things are taking up too much time. He feels that there should be a well-organised on Excel to make the day-to-day running of the Company easier more organised and more efficient.

The assistant feels that it is very difficult to hold of information easily and that they are struggling to keep organised. He is scared that as the increase in customers begins then it will be impossible to keep organised of the account that is why they want help to get organised before it might be too late. Interview with Chagan Vadgama: I went to interview the assistant of the company to see what problems they were facing and what they would like me to do for them to overcome this problem for them. First of all I got some background information about the Mechanic Company to gain some knowledge about it. I asked him questions to find out what they needed improvement on and here is the outcome of this interview.

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