Automated Payroll System for Citylane

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Information technology changes at a fast phase. Many business sectors constantly upgrade their computer system in order to stay competitive. The multi-function of technology and its automated systems are important factors for a company because it can be a great help for its people. The computerized systems aim to provide greater precision, reliability and flexibility in handling different types of information. It also makes the process of maintaining and operating the system easier for both technical and nontechnical users compared to manual systems.

Computerized systems are also designed to minimize the required time and work to finish a process by making it more systematic in terms of handling, storing and retrieving information. This can be useful in reducing costs by eliminating the need to hire additional staff to perform manual functions. The principle of computerized system is to present a systematized and centralized system in an organization. Background of the Study Citylane Grocery Store, Rosario Branch started in the early 90’s and since then, they have been known to provide quality products and services at a low price.

The current payroll system being of Citylane Grocery Store, Rosario branch is still being manually done. The employees time in and out with the use of Bundy clock and time cards. Then the accounting personnel will manually input the time in/out data of a certain employee to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. In addition, viewing, adding, and editing employee information are also being manually done on MS Excel. Furthermore, the payroll computations are also being done by hired personnel on MS Excel with the use of formulas that are also manually set.

Because of too much human intervention on the company’s payroll system, it has become prone to human errors and issues regarding the payroll’s security, reliability and effectiveness rise. The proposed automated payroll system for Citylane Grocery Store, Rosario branch helps address these issues and some others as well. The proposed system will make use of two interconnected computers. One will serve as the server and the other is the client. The client Computer will run the time in/out software and will be placed on the employee entrance. This computer will be used the employees in timing in and out.

On the other hand, the server computer will run the administrator interface and will be placed in the accounting office. In this computer, the administrator can produce necessary reports, and view, add and edit employee information. Also in this computer the computation of the payroll takes place. The time in/out data of the employee are automatically transmitted and stored to the server computer from the client computer the instance an employee times in or out. With these data and other required data that are already stored on the system database, the company’s payroll can already be computed by the system whenever needed.

Because of the system’s ability to process the company’s payroll with minimum human intervention, the possibility of the occurrence of human errors will be reduced dramatically compared to the manual system so it will be more precise and reliable. In addition, because of the limited access, the system is more secured. Furthermore, because the system already has the ability to compute the payroll, the need to hire additional staff to do the job will be eliminated therefore making the payroll system more efficient.

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