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Life is one of the greatest blessings that the God has bestowed us. This blessing is as unique as bestowed only once. Ecstasy and grief are two focal components of life. Throughout the course of life, an individual capriciously establishes links with these states. These random links appear in form of memorable incidents. In this essay, I am going to convey a glimpse of some of my past, present and future. My earliest memories are like bottom of a rusty bucket; rusty and damp. Rusty because I do not remember them at all, but damp because I do recall some incidents clear enough to explain.

I remember death of my grandfather when I was only four years old. Perhaps the moments of bereavement become irremovable part of a person’s memories. It is like iron in a damp condition corrodes and rust becomes eternal. Vivid images of that moment of horror that makes me go shuddered. That night I cannot forget even if I want to. I will always remember one particular day for all the wrong reasons. It was the evening, my family had all gathered round to hear the wonderful stories my Grandfather would always tell us about his childhood. I especially loved these moments, as it was when I felt the most warmth, love and togetherness.

That night, my Grandfather was not with us as he was seriously ill and had stayed at his home. My Grandmother had forced everyone to leave him alone with her and to try and ignore it. Instead my Great Uncle took his place as the storyteller. I remember how my mind was wondering and how restless I became, wishing I sat beside my Grandfather and had been there for him, like he was always for me. A sudden drowsiness came over me. The moment I finally fell asleep on my mother’s lap, an abrupt scream from my auntie awoke me. A strange curiosity filled the room. I looked up to my father and saw him with his face pointed towards the ground.

I didn’t understand what was happening. I looked around the room bewildered, as a strange unsettled feeling filled the house. I asked my mother in a soft voice what had happened, afraid that I would break the silence. She didn’t answer. What’s happened? Why is everyone so still? Did I do something? I thought to myself. After a while I realized nearly everyone was crying. Sadness could be seen everywhere. I can still see a vivid image of my uncle’s rage. Still not knowing what had happened I looked up to my mother and asked her once again what had happened.

A tear rolled down her cheek. Then she hugged me so tight I could hardly breathe. Then, taking a deep breath she answered cautiously and nervously, “It’s your granddad… ” before she finished I had realized what had happened. I ran out of the house in a fog of disbelief. I remember running to my favourite place, the garden, trying to clear the voice of my mother from my mind. I then imagined that she told me everything was fine, I nearly began to believe a lie; a lie that I pleaded would be true. My arms became all weak and heavy as I began to tense.

I sat for what felt like hours listening to the cold wind dangling the trees. I desperately listened to the ghostly echo of the swinging tree in an attempt to forget the truth. I know they’ve made a mistake. He’s probably at home fast asleep. He can’t be dead. He’s too young to die. Millions of thoughts kept rushing into my mind. I couldn’t stop them. I looked up at the sky, it was unseasonably dull. Grey clouds seemed to cover the sky for miles, but from the corner of my eye I glimpsed a solitary ray of light. A smile appeared on my face as I imagined it was my Grandfather making his way to heaven.

I saw him as the ray of light because he was different to everyone else and he would always stand out in a crowd. I felt the presence of my Grandfather around me, it had finally sunk in. He was dead. I stood up as I felt the fog before my eyes clear, and began to walk back to seek comfort from my family. Linear life is difficult to express in an interesting way; however, changes do occur in an individual’s course of living. Some changes are negligible but some change that face of lifestyle completely. One change that I consider important enough to put in this essay is arriving in this country.

Completely new culture and lifestyle changed most of my opinions about different aspects of life. My knowledge is boosted and I have been given a golden opportunity by the God to study another civilisation existing on this planet. I have recognized huge divergence between the thoughts I had in old country and in the new one. I have met people from various different nations as well as some Indian students and have developed fair friendship with them. I appreciate their views and so do they; I am surprised by colossal distinction between the perspectives we have, and our countries’ leaders.

I am a good player of chess and judge it as the best board game ever created. When I have spare time, I play online chess with people around the world. This creates another opportunity to get to know people who from different parts of the world. In outside games, I prefer cricket, badminton and base ball. I consider religion as a vital factor in a person’s life as it guides the individual to the right path in reaching the destination which is God. The religion that I follow is called “Islam”. I would not attempt to compare the religions or justify mine.

There are many religions and every religion directs to the right path. It is up to human beings that they research and follow what they consider the best and the one that wisdom validates. An optimistic person has positive thinking. He/she feels relieved by helping the mankind. From the advices of my elders and after studying the environment in which I have been brought up, I consider my ambitions to include sacrificing. Broadly speaking, I have decided for myself to devote the life for others. I have decided to become a doctor that I consider is the best way to portray my sympathy for people.

I am also aware of the competition and high requirements for admissions in the universities. I am confident that, with the help of God and my hard work, I will achieve my target. In conclusion, this essay has enabled me to think carefully and reflect on my life too date. I have achieved a great deal. As I get older, I feel I am becoming more mature and I am becoming more aware of the true values in life. In the very near future, I hope to become a doctor and help people. I am also determined to travel to the different parts of the world and explore its phenomenon existence.

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