Autobiographical Anecdote

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“Come on now sweetheart, time to get up now and get ready because you have a busy day ahead of you. Come on,” I heard a voice which I immediately recognised as my mum’s. I slowly sat up and it dawned on me that my mum had just woken me up and interrupted my dreams which she rarely ever did unless we were going anywhere, I suddenly brightened up. Maybe we were going to go out today and visit the zoo or go to the shops to buy myself some new toys! “Mummy, why have you got me up? Are we going out today? ” I questioned my mum eagerly.

Mum didn’t answer me but instead told me to go and brush my teeth, which I did. When I came back mum handed me my clothes for the day, except these clothes weren’t ones that I had seen before and I certainly hadn’t chosen them. They consisted of the usual knickers and socks but then there was a horrible blue top with a dark blue apron type dress, which I later found out, was properly known as a tunic. I was puzzled by now because I had never had to dress up before when we went out! “Mummy, Why do I have to wear these nasty clothes? ” “They are not nasty Rachel!

You have to wear them now because you are going to school today. ” “School, what is that Mummy? ” “It’s a big place where you are going so that you can learn lots of things and make new friends, won’t that be fun? ” I wasn’t too sure yet if it was going to be fun so I didn’t say anything in return, it wasn’t until I was half way through my cornflakes that I realised something odd. “Mummy, if we are going to school, don’t you need to put on some smart clothes as well? ” I enquired. “No no, I’m not staying with you today because I have to do other things. ”

You’re not going to leave me all on my own are you mummy because it won’t be any fun if you aren’t with me! ” “Don’t be silly Rachel, you won’t be alone because there will be lots of other boys and girls for you to play with, now stop talking and finish your cornflakes so we can leave. You don’t want to be late! ” I couldn’t believe what I had just heard; mummy couldn’t leave me on my own! I wouldn’t let her! I did the only thing that I knew when I wanted something my own way. I began to cry. I howled and screamed! I begged mum to let me stay with her and when she said no I cried even more.

Mum picked me up and put me in the car where I couldn’t escape but I didn’t stop crying, not until we stopped at a big building which I guessed must have been the place mummy was sending me. We got out the car but I wasn’t crying anymore because there were lots of big boys and girls walking by me in the same clothes that I was wearing and I didn’t want to look childish in front of them. So instead I sulked and walked extremely slowly until mum was practically dragging me along! We went through a massive play ground which almost looked like fun but I wasn’t going to admit that to mum!

We then went on a long journey down lots of hallways until we reached a big red door. Mum opened it and pushed me gently through. Through the red door was a big classroom with lots of children my age inside, some playing with the dressing up box and others playing with some toy cars. The walls were full of paintings, drawings and models made by the children. At the far end of the room were lots of tables with grey, plastic chairs which didn’t look very comfortable! There was also a big bookcase full of story books with big cushions, all different shapes and colours.

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by a pair of legs in front of me. I looked up to see a big, cheesy smile grinning down at me. “Hello there, I’m Mrs Wilson! ” said the lady wearing the smile. “I’m going to be your teacher while you are here in Reception. ” “How long am I in Reception for? ” I asked with slight concern. “Oh, until the end of the summer term in July. ” July! I wasn’t sure when July was but I knew that it was very cold at the moment so it was ages away until summer came and Christmas and Easter came before the summer and neither of those had happened recently!

Mummy was going to leave me in this big building until July! I turned round to face mum and started to beg here not to leave me here but she just pecked me on the cheek and said goodbye! I was on the verge of bursting into floods of tears but it was then that I figured out why mum was leaving me here. She had had enough of my crying and was bored of e now so now that she had my baby bother she didn’t need me any longer sp she was getting rid of me! Maybe if I didn’t cry the other lady would tell my mummy and I could go home. It made sense, so I didn’t cry and instead gave a small smile to the lady.

She smiled back and took me over to the other girls and boys and introduced them to me. She told us that we could go outside and play for a little while. Everyone ran outside and they all circled me and asked me lots of questions. I decided that now might be the right time to explain to them that we were trapped in this ‘school’ place for ages as they didn’t seem to be scared or worried at all! So I told them all about being stuck there until July but they just laughed at me saying that I was being stupid and that I didn’t know anything! They all ran off bored with my talking and I was left alone in the middle of the playground.

I was about to go and sit in the far corner to think when I was tapped on the back. I turned round to find a girl staring at me. “What do you want? ” I asked rather rudely. “I believe you. ” The girl retorted. “Excuse me? What do you believe? ” I said, puzzled. “You know, about being trapped here as prisoners. I think you might be right! I want you to help me escape so I can go back home! ” I was astounded! I had never thought of escaping! I had just been planning on being extra good and being sent home! It did sound like a good idea though. “Well how exactly are we supposed to get out of this place?

That lady is watching us all the time and the fences are too high for us to climb! ” I asked. “We are just going to walk through the door! It will be ‘easy peezy lemon squeezy’! We just divert the old woman and then run through the door! ” She said as if it was the simplest thing to do in the whole wide world! I was pretty sure that it would never work but I was willing to try it seeing as I had no better plans! Over the next 20 minutes or so the girl (who was also known as Sophie) and I considered many different ways in which we could try and distract the woman and move her away from the desk which was right next to the door.

In the end we settled on a plan and tried it out. I started the scheme off. I ran off into the restricted playground area which was only to be used when the lady was outside with us. I went over there and started climbing up the tall climbing frame towards the very top. Just as I had hoped one of the boys spotted me and called out saying, “Hey you, you’re not allowed up there, I’m going to go and tell on you! ” The boy ran inside but I kept climbing because I needed to climb to the very top so I could distract the old woman and other children long enough for Sophie to escape.

Then after she had escaped she would go and find her mummy and tell my mummy how good I had been so they came to collect us! My whole plan was going along fine and I was starting to come down the rungs of the frame as the lady coaxed me down. The suddenly the little boy who had told on me earlier came out of the classroom doors and yelled, “Missus! Some ones just ran out the door! ” The lady left me and hastily ran back inside while I jumped down off the bottom bit and getting ready to admit defeat.

WE all went back inside and the lady went as red as a beetroot and told us how we could never do anything like that or we would never go up from her class! This silenced us. Then she sentenced us to pages of sums while the other children got to do finger painting! After what had seemed like weeks (actually it was about 5 hours), we were told to stop working and all the children went to the middle of the room. When we got there Sophie and I stood stock till in disbelief! There were loads of mummies standing in the room and right at the front was MY mummy!

I ran up to her straight in to her arms and said, Mummy, you came back! I’ll never ever cry again! That’s why you returned isn’t it because I haven’t cried since you left me! ” “What are you talking about? You do talk a lot of nonsense! What made you think I wasn’t coming back? ” Mum asked me. “I don’t know but you’ve never left me all alone before so I thought you were throwing me away because I cried too much! ” Mum looked at me for a second and then started to laugh. “Don’t be silly, of course I wasn’t throwing you away! Now let’s go home and we can watch some television together and you can tell me all about what you have been up today! “

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