Audrey Hepburn

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Known for her glamour, style and elegance, Audrey Hepburn made a significant impact on the lives of a lot of people. Back in the 1960’s Audrey was so popular as Julia Roberts was in the 90’s. I have always admired Audrey Hepburn, that is why I wanted to learn more about her life and efforts to make a difference in the world. Audrey Hepburn has made an impact on many people by the way she lived her life through her childhood, career, personal life and charity work.

Research Audrey Hepburn was a British actress and humanitarian. She was well recognised as a film and fashion icon during Hollywood’s Golden Age. She has since been ranked as the third greatest female screen legend in the history of American cinema and been placed in the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame. (Wikipedia)

Audrey Hepburn was born on May 4, 1929 in Brussels, Belgium. Her original name was Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn-Ruston. Audrey’s Father was British (he left the family when Audrey was at the age of 6) and her Mother was Dutch. Although born in Belgium, Audrey had British citizenship and attended shool in England. In 1939, her Mother decided to move to the Netherlands, hoping to be safer in a neutral country at the onset of World War 2. The family endured hardships in Nazi-occupied Holland, but Audrey was still able to attend school and take ballet lessons.

In her early 20’s, she studied acting and worked as a model and dancer. Soon she began to get small film roles. (Britannica) In 1948, Audrey Hepburn made her stage debut as a chorus girl in the musical High Button Shoes in London. After that other small parts followed. In 1951, Audrey made her feature film debut in One Wild Oat in an uncredited role. At the age of 22, Audrey Hepburn went to New York to star in the Broadway production of Gigi. Only two years later, she took the world by storm in the film Roman Holiday (1953) with Gregory Peck. (History) Many film were to follow, such as:

Sabrina (1954); Funny Face (1957); War and Peace (1957); The Nun’s Story (1959); The Unforgiven (1960); Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961); Charade (1963); Until Dark (1967). (

Audrey Hepburn always felt the urge to help others. She often spoke of her lifelong craving for affection and her need to give. At the age of 38, Audrey retired from showbusiness to take care of her two sons and to dedicate herself to humanitarian work. She became an ambassador and consciousness-raiser for UNICEF. She has achieved so much as an ambassador for starving children in many countries, such as Somalia and she helped to raise money for Childrens Hospitals. (TIME)


In 1991, Audrey Hepburn was diagnosed with colon cancer. She died on January 20, 1993 in Switzerland, and her charismatic glamour might have died with her. Yet it is that regality, along with her relentless generosity of spirit, that keeps her alive.

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