Audience and persuade consumers to buy their product

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With reference to two advertisement, show how advertisers use particular devices to engage their target audience and persuade consumers to buy their product Advertising is the non-personal communication of information, which is persuasive in nature about a product, service or idea. Advertising is a paid communication, which can be seen in newspaper, magazines, direct mail, TV and is often broadcasted on the radio. It usually focuses on the good parts of the product in order to get people to buy it.

The two adverts that I have chosen to analyse are both car adverts. One is a Peugeot 206 cc and the other is a Smart Roadster. At first glancing at the adverts, it is obvious which one is more eye-catching, the Smart Roadster. The background is a light green with a large picture of the car at the front. The colour of this background could symbolise; envy, fun, nature and desire. There are more meanings of this colour, which I will go into more detail later. The Peugeot 206 cc has no bright colour on it apart from the colour of the car itself, red. The picture of the car is in the background and pictures of snakes are in the foreground.

The colour red stands out from the rest of the advert because the colours in the advert are dull. Red could symbolise, love, anger, blood, power and energy. I picked these adverts because they use similar techniques to advertise the product, but are set out in different ways. Both of the adverts contain text, one at the bottom and one at the top, they both have rhetorical questions in the text but the Smart Roadster includes many rhetorical questions rather that just one. ‘How about we swap your slippy mats for a set of grippy tyres?’ Here it implied you would have fun at the fairground and in the car.

The rhetorical question in the Peugeot 206 cc advert is ‘what would you go through?’ The picture of the car in the background and snakes in the foreground makes the reader think about if they would go through snakes to get to the car. The effect that these questions have on the reader is that they make you think of what you would go through and the quality of the car if people are risking their fears,

The audience and purpose in the adverts are very similar because they use the same techniques to attract a particular audience, however I think the Smart Roadster would catch the attention of a slightly younger audience because of the picture of a fairground in the background and the word ‘dig’ in the text. It is unlikely that older people would go to a fairground and the word ‘dig’ is likely to be used by a younger audience. This is known as teenage jargon. Although the fairground picture could symbolise that you don’t have to go to a fairground to have fun, you could just own the Smart Roadster. The Peugeot 206 cc may be for a wider target audience but I think it would be for an older audience because of colour, advertising techniques used or text in the advert. The obvious purpose of both the adverts is to sell the car.

The pictures in both adverts use the car as the main focus. From looking closely at the two adverts I have noticed that the angle in which the cars are seen are different. In the Peugeot 206 cc advert the car is seen from a distance and at eye level. This may be to show the reader the distance at the moment between them and the car (if you don’t own the car). The advert could be telling the reader that, that is the closest they will come to the car unless they buy it. This makes the consumer want it more because they cant get it.

In the Smart Roadster advert the angle of the car is almost on top of you creating a various number of meanings. This could be suggesting the car of high quality implying the owner will look good in the car. Another meaning of the angle of the car could be that it is bigger than you which then hints that you would look cool in the car. In the Peugeot 206 cc advert the foreground consists of many snakes. Snakes suggest fear but are often misunderstood. In ancient times snakes were symbols of rain, fertility and creation. In the bible it explains the story of Adam and Eve and how the snake told them to eat the apple. This story is about temptation and evil. The advert may suggest that it is tempting to go through the snakes to get to the car.

On the other hand, in many cultures snakes symbolise eternity, wisdom and healing. This may imply that you should go through the snakes. Having the snakes in the foreground and the car behind tempts you to go through even though it is dangerous and wrong. The pictures in the Smart Roadster are the main picture, the car and then a picture of a fairground with a few rides. The fairground could mean fun and excitement which links to the qualities you will have in the car. The impact that this will have on the audience is that you will not need to go to a fairground to have fun. The photograph of the car is slightly intimidating which may be a downside to the advert. In spite of this, the car is seen as overpowering which it may make you feel to over drivers if you drove this car.

In the Peugeot 206 cc advert, the position of the car is at eye-level and quite far away. One reason why the advertiser put it at this level is because this is the angle when you are not looking up or down which could represent you being able to get the car. If you are looking up at the car it could mean the car is too good for you but if you are looking down at the car it could indicate that you are too good for the car. When looking at the whole picture you can see ruins or parts of old building at the sides and behind the car. This could link in with the snake’s ancient background versus technology. Who will win? As well as the pictures the colours play a big part in advertising the product.

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