Assessing an advert for Diamond White

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This is a advert for Diamond White which is a strong cider alcoholic drink. It is advertised on the loaded Magazine. It is presented in a unique way using the central image and visual metaphor of the brain. Theoretically it is the dominant controlling organ of the body, but the advert ironically encourages liberation from control advising us to take a drink on the “White Side”. On the advert they have two diverse side of a head a “Left Side” and a “White Side” both sides have a passage routing with interesting objects. The  Left side which is placed in the top left hand corner has dull, old fashioned objects. On the White side the objects are imaginative and interesting making the audience more eager towards the drink.

The advert uses a white clear background with an orange stripped background for the caption. On the advert the brain is separated into two halves. The left side which is responsible for creative imaginative thinking because they are kinky, sexy objects.The white side consists of positive, inspiring images, which use colour as a visual stimulant to encourage the reader to “drink”. Firstly there is a pink cat which catches our eyes because the colour is bright and its also unusual because there are no cats in the world which are pink, also on the white side there is a “Green Stiletto” shoe which gives us an impression of a prostitute who mainly wore those types of shoes.

The White side also displays a small “sperm with a warning sign” they have used this image to catch the viewer’s eyes and also make them think that if you take the drink you may drift into mysterious desires. As you see these objects give you bright thoughts and it gives you many desires to look forward to once you have taken the “drink”. On the advert they have used play on words like “Right” “White”.

In comparison of the White side the left side consists of boring, dull less eye catchy objects which use dull colours to show that the “White side” is more inspiring On the left side they have displayed objects like firstly “Slippers” which reminds you of old people i.e. grandparents; which makes you think off dull ideas. Also among the objects there is a teapot which suggests cups of tea being drunk, very cheap and old antiques it’s mainly normal and not very new to you which makes you feel you more interested and more anxious at the objects on the “White Side”. On the left side there is a old typewrite which may look old and boring.

Also on the advert there is a bottle of diamond white alcohol laid sideways pointing at a caption saying “Take a drink on the white side” It has been made eye catchy by its orange stripped background. The caption “Take a drink on the white side” try’s to hint to us that to take the drink and in doing so you will be amazed by interesting thoughts. It’s also trying to direct you to go and buy the drink. Also on the advert there are two headings which are the title for the two heads. The 1st head which is placed in the top left hand corner is named “left side” the 2nd head which is placed on the bottom right hand corner is titled “white side” which also rhymes with Right which makes you think it is the right side. The titles are displayed in italic so its different to other captions in the advert.

The overall message of the diamond white advert is that the drink will make you feel that everything is more upbeat and you experiences will become more enhanced. The promises the advert is making with the objects and the captions is that if you take the drink you will be inspired and that if you do take the drink you will enter a new phase. The advert makes us think the kind of people who take this drink will be more upbeat and you will experience something new in life

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