Asian Cuisines More Exotic Than Western Cuisines

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Cuisines is a style or method of cooking, especially as characteristic of a particular country, region, or establishment. Therefore, there are different between Asian cuisines and Western cuisines. Different in taste and how it served.

Firstly, the Asian cuisines are more exotic than western cuisines because Asian cuisines have unique appearance. This based on researched by University Malaya that most of 70% cuisines around Asian have the attraction for people to eat. Asian cuisines also use spice as their decoration in appearance to look more exotic. For example Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and more other that, it appeal the delicious and milky of the food and this thing make people like to taste the cuisines. The appearance give the main thing in making cuisines because it also can arouse the appetite of people to eating.

Secondly, more important in Asian cuisines is the special taste that make the people want to try the cuisines. The spies that use in the cuisines make the aroma so good and can arouse the appetite. The taste of Asian cuisines is better from western cuisines because in asian cuisines there more likely use garlic as the main ingredient in make dish and the garlic give more taste and aroma to cuisines. The great taste give the cuisines more exotic and it the main thing in making and the world great chief also take this thing as the serious thing.

Lastly, Asian cuisines have healthy ingredients and make it more delicious. This healthy ingredients can help make to reduce the cholesterol in cuisines. This healthy ingredients also give the cuisines taste, appearance and aroma more exotic. This can be prove by research of University Utara Malaysia that 90% of Asian food use healthy spies in making the cuisines and the spies can help to reduce chronic disease around the Asian people. The healthy ingredients give many benefit to people and with this thing people do not have to worry for eating such a exotic cuisines to make life happy and healthy.

In conclusion, Asian cuisines is more exotic than Western cuisines because of the appearance, taste, healthier, and more attractive. It is also proven by many researcher.

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