Artistic Billiards

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Artistic Billiards is one of the many forms of Billiards. Other names that are used to describe it are Fantasie Classique and Fantasy Billiards. It is one of the variations of the Carom Billiards. In this types of game, there are 76 shots which are preset in nature and are used by the players to compete with each other. These shots generally have different levels of difficulty.

In order to motivate the players for perfect execution, a maximum point value is also assigned. The shots that are least difficult in nature are given a 4-point maximum while the other shots which have a higher level of difficulty are given an 11-point maximum. Each player has a total of 500 points available for him. This represents the total value of the perfect score that a player can score from all the 76 shots put together.

In artistic billiards, there is a well-defined shot to be used in playing each and every shot. It is also important that the unfolding of each and every shot should take place in an established manner in the case of this game. In each shot, there are three attempts that are allowed for each of the players. In general, in order that the different players can play this game well, there is a high level of skills as well as expertise required.

Additionally, the players must be dedicated to their practice if they wish to perform well in this game. This is because it is important that players should possess the required knowledge to play the different shots. This is even true in case of the shots which are requiring the lowest level of difficulty that is—the point shots. There may be some shots that may also be requiring an extreme amount of effort with regards to the type of technique being used. Some of these techniques that may be required for some of the shots in artistic billiards are jumps, force draws, masses, force follows, and others.

The use of twenty different cues may be made by the players involved in the game of artistic billiards. This is because all of these cues are targeted to provide different type of functions. Thus, the players who emerge as performing masses will be requiring the use of a cue that is having a cue tip which is specialized in nature. Also, this cue also requires having a large diameter terminus.

However, those using the technique of jumping will be generally requiring a cue stick that is short in size and also is light in weight. The cue tip of such a stick is generally hard and also wider in its form than the one which is used for playing under normal circumstances. The use of additional props may also be required particularly in playing some of the shots. The example of using a prop is that a needle can be placed on the surface of the table and the player is being asked to ensure that the ball can pass through only one of the designated sides of the placed needle.

With all of these being said, we might conclude that there are different aspects, rules and regulations involved in artistic billiards. And in order to be a good player, or even an expert onlooker, we must have knowledge of these things.

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