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An aim is a goal or target that you want to meet, that is relevant to your business. An objective is broken down steps to achieve the aim. You can set a variety of aims for your business if it is to sell an amount of products that they want to do. Objectives can be shared around the business so that everything can be put up to scratch. Objectives are usually measurable things such as ‘to increase their profit by 60% over the next year’. If objectives are met then this means that your goals are met as well, and by doing this it would allow a business to also meet its aims. Profit

Profit is an aim of a business because it is something that keeps every business moving and then can be able to build other branches around locally, nationally or internationally. Profit is motivation for all types of business in areas to make a difference. Environmental issues Environmental issues are things about the business that are good for the business. It can be for some business that all stores have a renewable power source like, wind turbines solar panel’s etc. It may also depend on how the company pack there stuff maybe they charge for you to take out a plastic bag.

Community Some company’s will care about the community because it may be to bring up the social behaviour of kids in the area, or it is to bring up the sort or lively hood to the area. Some businesses help the community by throwing parties and special nights for the ladies or the men. Employee Welfare Some company’s are very generous in employee welfare. They can give you sick pay which is where if you are sick and request time off work you can still get paid. But this has a limited warrantee which means you can be off and get paid for a limited amount of days.

Also they give maternity leave where a pregnant woman needs to leave work to have her baby. They are usually out for three to 12 months where she will be caring for her baby. Growth ; Expansion Growth, the increase, or decrease, in average hits in the recent period compared to over the entire time being reported on. If there are twice as many hits/day in the recent period as there are over all time that is a growth of 100%1. In our case it means, funds or stocks that carry relatively high valuations, because rapid growth is expected2.

Growth is mainly what a business wants to have a big part in. growth is good because it may allow you to open shops in different places in the world. Customer Services The customer services of business have to be good to uphold any complaints or good reviews that people may have. Customer service starts as soon as a potential customer walks into the business, also before and after the customer has purchased the product. It is another way to enhance the level of customer satisfaction.



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