Archery in Hunting and Sports

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Archery was born as a war aid and hunting method. With the advent and increased popularity of firearms, archery started declining.

English style long bows were used for a long time in competition archery and hunting in the United States.

Ishi, the last survivor of the Yahi Indian tribe emerged from hiding in California in 1911. He was treated by doctor Saxton Pope. During the course of association, Pope learnt a lot of techniques and nuances of archery from Ishi. Soon he became an enthusiast and propagated the game. This was the story of the revival of modern primitive archery. Due to Pope’s unmatched enthusiasm and substantial contribution to the game, The Pope and Young club was set up in 1961 and the name given was to honour Dr. Pope.

Today, the club is one of the leading names in North America in bow hunting conservation organizations. The scientific NPO follows the Boone and Crockett Club in its structure and work pattern. The club is an advocate and enthusiast of hunting responsibly and of practices related to sound conservation.

The 1920s saw professional engineers taking interest in archery which was previously and exclusive exploit for traditional experts of the craft. The compound bow and modern recurve are the contributions that these engineers made to archery.

Now, modern western archery utilizes these kinds of equipment, primitive traditionally designed bows are a rare sight. The 1980 enthusiasts from America gave a new makeover to traditional archery by amalgamating its techniques with scientific principles. This amalgamation is detailed in the Traditional Bowyer’s Bible. American archer and bow producer Fred Bear is known as one of the pillars for modern game archery.

Bow hunting is the use of the art of archery to hunt down game animals. As it does not use fire arms, a lot of practiced hunting skills and intelligence is required for bow hunting. There are many countries that have legalized bow hunting for large and small prey. Along with the smaller forms of hunting like black powder, rifle and shotgun, longer seasons are exploited by hunters too. Compound bows are most widely used for longer hunting seasons. These are often enhanced with fibre optical sights and various other enhancements.

As far as gaming is concerned, target archery or modern competitive archery is the most famous form worldwide. However, field archery is specifically popular in Europe and America. While target archery requires shooting of arrows accurately from specified distance or distances at a fixed target, field archery has differently marked or fixed targets and is played a wooden arena. Apart from these forms there are other forms that are lesser known and more historical. Also, there are archery novelty games. The rules of the tournament or event depend on the organisers. Though normally, FITA are the one considered as a norm, there are many large scale archery organisations that are not affiliated to FITA and function with different rules.

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