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I found out that Yahoo is a difficult search engine to use in the advanced mode. Although it was the fastest to use. I thought I would use Google as it is the search engine that I am use to using I have chosen to use Alta vista for the rest of the task because it has good advanced search options and you can use Boolean search options to find more specific helpful results. I will also use Google for a variety of results. I wrote what I was searching for in the search bar the clicked “Find” This took me to,

where I clicked on “Budget flights” this link took me to, which is a relevant result and I can see that a Flight to Milan from Gatwick costs i?? 95. 98 per person. Resorts I typed “3 star resorts” in Barcelona and clicked “Find” that took me to; where I clicked “Save on 3 Star Resort in Barcelona” This is a relevant result as it enables me to choose where and when I want to go on holiday this then took me to a site with a list of recommended hotels. Accommodation

I typed in “Accomadation Spain” this is not an effective search as it only gives me the following results. This is the results. I then added “Accomadation Spain in Barcelona August 2007″Simple searches do not always give the best results. This is why I have used customised simple searches and advanced searches. I thought that Google would give me the best results however I found that AltaVista had good advanced search facilities and supports Boolean

I used a variety of search techniques such as Boolean searches and the use of the tilde. The information was useful as it has helped me to plan the trip. My initial searches relied on the simple search options however I gained confidence and used the advanced search options and began to customise simple searches using Boolean operators. In future I would plan what I wanted to search and possibly try to use a meta search engine such as dogpile. com

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