Applied Business Statisitics

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While we prefer the categorical; ordinal answer above, at times statisticians may make the assumption that the numerical responses are equal-interval measures on a quantitative scale from 1 to 10. When this assumption is made, the data may be considered quantitative with an interval scale of measurement. In this case, additional statistical computations such as the average overall rating become helpful in summarizing the data. Nielsen Is attempting to measure ten popularity AT can television program y showing the percentage of households that are watching the program. . All households with televisions in the United States. C. A census of the population is impossible. A sample provides timely information in that the ratings and share data can be obtained weekly. In addition, the sample saves data collection costs. D. The cancellation or renewal of television programs, advertising cost rates for the television programs and the scheduling of television programs are often based on the Nielsen information. 24. A. This is a statistically correct descriptive statistic for the sample. . An incorrect generalization since the data was not collected for the entire population. C. An acceptable statistical inference based on the use of the word “estimate. ” d. While this statement is true for the sample, it is not a Justifiable conclusion for the entire population. E. This statement is not statistically supportable. While it is true for the particular sample observed, it is entirely possible and even very likely that at least some students will be outside the 65 to 90 range of grades. 25. A.

There are five variables: Exchange, Ticker Symbol, Market Cap, Price/ Earnings Ratio and Gross Profit Margin. B. Categorical variables: Exchange and Ticker Symbol Quantitative variables: Market Cap, Price/Earnings Ratio, Gross Profit Margin c. Exchange variable: Exchange Frequency Percent

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