Apllying For Tesco

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Tesco give you a multiple amount of ways to apply for a leading supermarket in the UK. They give all people the opportunity of working for them, weather you’re young or older, qualified or unqualified it doesn’t matter as they are looking for people that are committed to their work. Some ways to apply for Tesco are listed and described below:

Job Centre – You can apply for a job a Tesco by using the help and guidance they offer you, for many people it counts as an advantage as sometimes they aren’t too sure about what they would like to work as. People may prefer this because Job Centre offices are local which ensures they would not have a big journey to travel to look for a job. When you step into your local Job Centre you will be given an option of weather being assisted by a member of staff or to use a computer to look at your job search available for Tesco.

I would recommend to use the Job Centre to apply for your job at Tesco because when you have successfully found the job your interested in the Job Centre would print out all the details of the job, they may give you a application form for the job required but overall they would help you in most situations such as looking for a job not too far away and they will help you find the appropriate job for you.

Ask Tesco – By asking Tesco you will need to step into a branch and ask to speak to the manager, at that certain point it’s not 100% reliable that you will speak to the manager as he may be busy but whilst you are there you can ask members of staff to see what available job vacancies there are in that particular branch. You may also decide to ask Tesco over the phone but again the manager may be very busy and you would be told to wait or to phone back.

I would suggest this to be a great option of applying because you are showing great interest by asking for a job personally, they will see your commitment and consider it well, also if you do find a job vacancy that hasn’t been advertised yet you will have an even better chance of getting the job than others candidates as they would still be waiting for the advertisement to come out.

HR – Applying for a job a Tesco via human resources is different as you go in to the department where they will provide you with an application form and you also get the chance of speaking further forward about the attending job. You may find yourself visiting this department twice as they also hold the interviews.

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