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ProSport is an online internet sports shop (www. prosportuk. com), it prides itself on it’s commitment to sports people and supplying them with specialist equipment to perform and enjoy their sport to the maximum. There aim is to make shopping a pleasant and secure experience. ProSport has been in operation since 1986, it was started by Richard Sutton an ex-professional footballer with Norwich City and an England Youth International whose career was cut short by injury. Structure and Navigation

The structure and navigation of the site is relatively easy to use and is well set out. The webpage has numerous navigation tools and links to other parts of the website, that all seem to work. The overall page has a good flow and has a good combination of text and picture that accompany each other well without clashing with each other. From the home page you will find eight sections containing all of the products. Once inside a section you will see a list of product groups on the left hand side.

Once you have clicked a product group you are sent to another page, when inside click the picture of the product you are interested in, this will take you to an individual product page where you can make colour or size selection and add it to your basket. To go back at any point within a section use the list on the left hand side or the links in the grey bar near the top. To go from one section to another you will need to go back to the homepage by either clicking the home link or the proSport logo. The webpage has good navigation and is easy to control; the navigation bar on the left is the main navigation tool on the site.

There are several different navigation tools, this include a search box and a specific sports search. The drop down menu is about specific sports and allows the uses to pick specific sports and items to do with that sport. There is another Navigation bar on the main page (right) is used to link the user to specific sports related page. The tool bar also has the company’s logo to remind the company where they are and what site they are on. Once the user has clicked on a specific sport on the navigation bar it takes the user to the sports homepage within the site its self (right).

The page is then divided into sections within the sport i. e. accessories, footwear and equipment. The page also has pictures and deals of latest offers and new products. These attract the user and because they have a picture of the item it allows the user to sample the product. Also at the top of the page it has a navigation link, for this page is ‘Home > Football Kit’. If the user wants to go back to the page before or link from the page they were on before then they can click on the link. The search box searches within the website its self to find similar and specific items related sport, phrase or keyword.

Once the user has searched for something, i. e. football, then the site takes the user to a search page that is related to the keyword, sport or phrase searched for. The only problem when searching like that is that it brings up to many hits which means that it is hard to find a specific item, but is good for a wide range of products relating to a certain sport. Type and range of goods on offer ProSport is an online internet sports shop that sells a wide range of specialist equipment to perform and enjoy their sport to the maximum.

They sell a wide range of sports goods that includes badminton, basketball, boxing, cricket, fitness, football, golf, hockey, netball, rugby, snooker, pool, tennis, table tennis, and squash. (To the left is the list of sporting equipment the cater for) The company has quite a good stock system, what happens is when a product is out of stock. They wait until they receive your order, then they will make sure to see if it is in stock before your credit card is charged. They will contact you and let you know how long it will take to arrive and if there are any alternatives that may be suitable for the customer.

The only problem with that is that it can take a long time to check stock and then contact the customer. Also the might take the money before checking stock, which could lead the customer to think that the money has been stolen. This could show that the company only order products when they get an order to save warehouse space and reduce costs. Product information provided Once you have found the product you are looking for on the website and then once inside click the picture of the product you are interested in, this will take you to an individual product page.

On this page it gives information on the product. It gives the product name, price and if it’s in stock along the top. Then just below it gives the options, these very depending on the product, but on this product we can choose size and colour. Below this is the picture of the item and the item in other colours, the problem with this is that there in no possible way the view the item from behind and that the colour mite varies depending on the photo. At the bottom there is a written description of the product, including size information and what it’s made of.

Sometimes when browsing products no page or picture comes up which can be annoying, the company says this is because “We are constantly adding new products to our site and have tried our best to offer specialist sports equipment that covers many sports. However it is our mission to help all sports people find the equipment they need. Please contact us. It is most likely that we will be able to find and special order most requests”. I believe that this good because they personally will try and help improve your order or find a replacement.

Also when buying your item the order may be delayed for one of the following reasons: Team wear orders sometimes have to be specially ordered from the manufacturer Products on Pre-Order or Products that are not in stock at the time of ordering Credit Card Checks, sometimes we may need to make additional checks on your credit card Shirts with additional name, numbering and badges added may take an extra few days to despatch. When viewing a product on their website they provide various bits of important information about the product that the customer may need to know before purchasing it, for example the size.

Price – Out of all the product information provided this is the most vital, without this the customer would not know whether the product is worth buying or not, if the company did not include the price of the product then customers would be put off straight away buying from them online. Item Description – This covers most of the important features like colour, size, material, capacity etc. This information may vary as the products may be totally different, for example it is important to put the capacity of a water cooler but capacity it is not relevant to something like ski wear.

Extra features – These are any other features that the company thinks a customer may need to know before purchasing the product. Picture – When viewing a product they often provide a picture of it; the customer is able to click on the picture to get an enlarged version. Alongside a basic picture they sometimes provide an orthographic picture (including dimensions) of the product depending on what It is and whether it is useful to do for that certain product or not. Types of transactions that can be carried out

Customers can pay in three ways; credit/debit cards online, using credit/debit to order over the phone, or by cheque. They accept the following credit/debit cards: – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Switch, Delta, Solo and JCB. This is good because it’s a large range of cards which means the website is accessible for more people. When you order over the phone its not as easy ordering on line, but it does mean that the company is available to that don’t like shopping on the internet, you have to call a certain number which costs more and you have to order between Monday to Friday 9am-5. 0pm which can be awkward if you work all week. They also say that they can do extra fraud and security check on your order “Prosportuk. com Limited reserves the right to withhold any order from despatch in order to process further security checks.

Security Prosportuk. com uses Secure Server Software (SSL) to ensure that your personal details will be protected against fraud and scam use whilst on their site. The encryption level used is 128 bit and ensures that Prosportuk. com is the only recipient able to view your details once they have been decrypted on their secure server offline. They say that your details are not held in clear text on any website. When you place an order Prosportuk. com collect your name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number and card information.

They may record which products you are interested in and which products you purchase. They also monitor customer traffic patterns and site, this helps them build up analysis and databases based on customer patterns, this then helps them to improve the structure and layout of the site. They stat that they don’t hold your credit card details after an order are processed and you will be asked to supply these details every time that you place an order with us. They say that they will only use the information that you supply about you lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

They collect information about you for two reasons: * To process customers order * To provide you with the best possible service Above are the security guarantees and security measures in place buy 3rd party companies. One of the security card measures, MasterCard SecureCode, means that every time you pay online with your MasterCard or Maestro card, a box pops up from your card issuer asking you for your personal SecureCode, just like the bank does at the ATM.

This shows that they have tried to build a secure but easy to use, navigational website, that contains many levels of security. Methods used to capture customer information To capture the user’s information they use to methods. The first is when the user has added an item to their basket and wishes to proceed to checkout, this brings up the table (right) with the title your details, this isn’t billing information, but is necessary to continue with checkout process.

This is pretty much a scam within the company because there is a separate billing form later to actually buy the item; this is just to collect information on the customer to help build the analysis of customers. The customer then needs to create a unique username and password. The website automatically sends a verification email to get the user to use their username and password to log them into the website. They then can log in to skip this process by entering there password and email address here.

Also it displays the basket at the top right of the screen clearly and it lets you enter items into the basket without having to be registered and then when you register it’ll pick them items up again, this saves time and means that the user doesn’t have to fill the form in for every item in the basket. The other method to capture user’s information is with the secure order form, this takes secure information relating to your payment method.

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