Analysis of the questionnaires

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My first question asked, “What gender are you?” I asked this because I felt that it might be important in the packaging of the product if I had a better understanding on which gender was more interested in my product. In addition, it would be nice to know that my product would be purchased by both genders. From my tally charts that I have drawn up (see appendix) I have discovered that 65% of the people I asked were male and 35% were female.

The second question asked was “do you wear skate shoes?” I asked this because I was required to know what percentage of people wore these types of shoes. By finding this out, I will know if the vast majority of skaters wear skate shoes. Asking this question told me that 60% of the people wear skate shoes and the other 40% do not.

My third question was “which one of these makes of shoe have you purchased?” This was asked because I needed to know what type of shoes were my future customers wearing. The results of this question told me that 21% of the people purchased lakai, 10% had purchased vans, 14% had purchased dc’s, 7% purchased Nike, 10% purchased adidas, 8% had purchased Reebok and 30% had purchased other brands of shoes.

The next question on my questionnaire was “which colour would you prefer on shoes?” This is a very important question to ask, by asking this I can find out what colour the customers want the product to be. The result for this question show that white is the mort popular colour for shoes. 50% of the respondents chose white, 25% chose black, 15% chose grey and 10% chose navy. From these results, I now have a clear view on what colour my product will be.

The fifth question that I asked was “what colour of laces do you prefer?” Again this is an important question to ask because If I choose a colour for the laces that the customers do not like there is a chance that I might loose out on sales. There was 4 colour variations to choose from, 50% of the respondents chose Grey laces, 25% chose white, another 25% chose blue and 0% chose black laces. From these results, we can clearly see that more people want grey shoelaces and nobody wanted black laces.

The next question asked was “if you buy skate shoes where do you buy them?” Asking this question will help me decide what shop to sell my shoes in. This city lacks shops in were you can purchase these types of shoes, if I have an idea on were my competitors customers buy there shoes I can set a place to sell my product. In my results it shows that 75% of the respondents buy there shoes from a skateboard shop called point seven five, 15% of the people I asked bought there shoes over the Internet, 5% buy there shoes in different shoe shops and another 5% buy there shoes in other places. The results of this question have helped me decide were my product will be sold.

Question number seven asked the people ” how much would you spend on skate shoes each year?” This question was asked to find out what price people are prepared to pay for these types of product. From this question I discovered that 65% of the people spend £100- £150 per year on skate shoes, 25% spend £200+ and 10% of the respondents spend between £50 and £100 per year. This question might help me to set a price on my product.

The following question asks, “How much money do you get a month?” Asking this question might give me another small clue on what price I will set on my product. In this set of results I know that 35% of the respondents receive between £5 and £10 per week, another 25% receive over £30 per week, 20% of the people get between £15 and �25 per week and 10% of the people earn a salary or peace rate.

The ninth question asks, “Do you purchase any of the following skateboarding magazines?” I felt that this question would be important because my product my be promoted through magazines, also if I decide to advertise my product in a magazine I would need to advertise it in the most popular magazine. From my tally I have discovered that the most popular magazine is thrasher, 32.5% of the respondents chose it, next is sidewalk with 25%, third is hsc+ with 20%, next is kingpin with 15% and lastly is route 1 with 7.5%. If I decide to promote my product through magazines then I will probably use thrasher, because it is the most popular and more people read it than any other skateboard magazine.

The following question asks ” do pro skaters influence you to buy pro model shoes?” this was asked to find out about celebrity endorsement. The results showed that 90% said yes and 10% said no. Celebrity endorsement can increase or decrease the sales of a product.

Question number 10 asks the public ” do you buy any skate videos?” This question is again to do with endorsement. People see there favourite skaters on videos and decide to buy the model of shoes, if people see the skateboarder endorsing my shoes on a video then the might feel that they want to go out and purchase my product. 70%, which is the vast majority of the respondents, replied that that do buy and watch skate videos while the other 30% do not.

The final question on my questionnaire asks, ” Who is your favourite skateboarder out of this selection?” This question is also very important. Primary Research has shown me that most people buy their favourite skaters model of shoe, if the skater who endorses my product is a favourite to lots of people then this will increase the demand for my product. I have asked this question to find out which skater will be endorsing my product. I have made a list of the skaters for the respondents to tick their favourite one. The most favourite skater will be endorsing my product. From the tally table I can see that Rodney Mullen is the most popular skater because 60% of the respondents chose this skater, 20% had chosen Geoff Rowley, 10% had chosen Rick mc crank and 10% had chosen Steve berra.

I have decided that Rodney Mullen will endorse my product and that my product will be called Mullen 1. In addition, I will make sure that the colour of my skate shoes is white and the colour of the laces is grey. The price of my shoes will be around �70 and they might be advertised in a magazine called thrasher.

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