Analysis Of Skill Proficiency In Football

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Skill: Shooting

Preparation: My standing foot is correctly positioned by the ball. All my weight is on my standing foot, leaving my striking foot to swing freely

Execution: I strike the middle of the ball with the instep of my foot, however I don’t strike the middle of the ball, I tend to hit the bottom of the ball. This causes the ball to lift.

Recovery: I follow through with my striking foot toward the target and transfer my weight through rotation giving me greater power.

Result: Generally I strike the ball with good power and line, however the height tends to not be very good, because I hit the bottom of the ball causing me o sky a lot of my chances. I am on target 80% of the time from 15m or less and 60% of the time from 18-30m. I can improve this by focusing on striking the correct part of the ball.

Skill: Passing

Preparation: In my preparation I get my head up early, hopefully before I receive the ball so I can quickly move it along so not to get caught in possession, unless I have time and space to either run with the ball or look for a better pass. When passing I should again position my standing foot by the side of the ball, however the type of pass I need to use determines which part of the foot or ball I use/hit.

Execution: I strike the ball cleanly and use the correct part of my foot to produce the particular pass intended. For instance I use the side foot for shorter passes and the instep for longer driven passes. Read about causes of digital divide

Recovery: I transfer my weight through to generate the power and my foot follows through onto the target to produce accuracy. After passing the ball I support it well and continue my involvement in the move towards goal.

Result: My passes generally have enough power to reach the intended target, so they are not usually intercepted and are accurate. In games and practise drills 90% of my shorter passes reach there target and 70% of my longer ones reach there’s.

Skill: Heading

Preparation: I position my body well to meet the header and place my weight back so I can attack the ball.

Execution: I transfer my weight well toward the ball and have good spring to reach high balls, however the timing of my header is often poor which means I connect with the wrong part of the ball.

Recovery: I generally manage to maintain balance and also follow up rebounds that may come out of my header.

Result: I often miss the target because I connect with the wrong part of the ball. In practise only 40% of my headers were on target.

Skill: Dribbling

Preparation: I tend to dribble in the correct parts of the pitch and at the correct times. I am balanced and my weight is over the ball.

Execution: I keep the ball close to my feet and use both the in side and out side of my foot to keep control of the ball. I have a wide range of skills to beat the opponent for all types of situations.

Recovery: I maintain balance well and know when to release the ball after the dribble

Result: I often manage to beat the player and produce a good ball at the end of it.

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