Analysis of Cadbury’s Snowflake Advert

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Cadburys snowflake had a varying number of shots from close up shots to over the shoulder shots, the whole advert was very slow and contained only one special effect when the girl is sat eating her Cadburys snowflake she looks into a mirror and it shows a different image. There is no dialogue through out the advert only very slow and mellowing music and then has the slogan of the product said right at the end. The setting for the advert is very appropriate as it is in an open wood setting with ice and snow every where and snowflakes falling all around the girl while she eats the chocolate bar.

I think this advert is very successful as it makes the chocolate bar seem special and it also makes it look very tasty. The target age for this advert is for young adults as they are largely into junk food as in chocolate and also it shows the girl as a young adult. Advert 2: KFC The target age for this advert is also young adult as it is a fast food advert and it is very fast. The advert is completely animated and uses a wide range of shots such as extreme close ups of the product and a long shot of the colonel. The advert is very fast and exciting with fast music and quickly changes camera angles and shots.

There was lots of dialogue through out the advert telling the potential customers about the product. The music goes well with the advert as the music is fast also; the advert doesn’t really have a setting, as it is lots of fast shots of the food and of the colonel. Advert 3: Kellogg’s fruit winders The target age for the advert is young children as the whole advert is animated with little walking, talking fruit people, but also for the mothers, as they are the ones that will be buying the product.

The shots of the advert are extreme close ups and very long shots mostly but there are medium shots but not as many as the close ups and long shots. The advert starts off slowly but speeds up as the strawberry gets tied to the aeroplane, there isn’t much dialogue only quick comments from the characters. The advert music is mostly just background lively and childish music. I believe the advert to be successful as the children think it looks really nice and tasty and the parents think it looks good as they will be getting fruit where as the product is mostly made out of sugar.

Advert 4: Aero, all bubble and no squeak The target audience of the product is young adults and older adults as the main character of the advert is and adult male buying an Aero from a newspaper stand. Most of the shots are either close up and medium shots on the man or close up shots on the dancing mouse. The pace of the advert is quite slow but picks up a bit when the mouse starts dancing. This is the part of the advert where the computer animation comes in and the mouse dances and uses a hula-hoop.

There is quite a lot of dialogue as the advert is mostly two people having a conversation and one man trying to sell him the little mouse and the man insisting that he only wants the chocolate. The setting of the advert doesn’t really matter to the advert it could have been set in any kind of shop. It is absolutely clear that the advert is trying to sell Nestles Aero, as right from the start of the advert to the end is a box of Aeros on the front right hand side of the counter.

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