Analysis and comparison of two adverts

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Every advert is aimed at a certain audience and is designed to persuade a certain person of a specific age, sex and class to purchase the product in focus. The product being advertised is portrayed to its target audience looking its best and up most.Analysing Advertisements help you to understand the reaction of your mind to pictures, colours and words and how all of these things put together can subconsciously persuade you into buying products which you may not consider buying.

In this essay I shall analyse and discuss two adverts. Firstly, herbal essences by Clairol and secondly citre shine. I believe that this advert is aimed at women aged from about early twenties to mid forties. This is because the model in the advert is of a similar age and this age similarity may make it easier for people to identify with her. This in turn would persuade them to buy the product. The type of person this advert is attempting to attract is an energetic and vibrant woman, as the model gives the impression to be carefree and many women would strive to be this type of person. This advert would be found in a woman’s magazine for 20-40 year olds such as glamour or cosmopolitan.

At first sight the advert is very eye-catching due to the use of colour and images. The main image of the model takes up most of the A4 page which instantly directs you towards her facial expressions .Her expressions immediately make the reader believe she is more than just satisfied with the product, which is signified by the fact that her eyes are closed and her mouth is open. You are also made to believe that the product is rejuvenating and fulfilling in a way you never thought possible due to the radiance of the model. The model herself is very beautiful with shiny, voluminous hair. Also she looks as if she is wearing very little makeup which links to the whole “natural” theme. The bottle stands out of the page so the buyer has a clear idea of what it looks like in order to spot it in the shops.

In order to subconsciously and consciously persuade the buyer to buy this product, the layout of images and colours used on them is very important. The main image is the woman’s face but the bottle also stands out due to its rich deep orange colour. The bottle is a simple shape with curved corners and transparent plastic, which enables you to see the actual shampoo and to the see the very attractive flowers on the front of the bottle. This gives the effect of there being herbs and flowers inside the bottle which is very persuasive as having a fragranced and natural shampoo would appeal to many people. The bottle itself looks original and exclusive and is placed in the middle of the page, so it becomes a main focus.

One of the slogans used in the advert is “a totally organic experience”. This was possibly chosen due to its sensational meaning and sexual connotations. The word organic is used to remind us that natural herbs and botanicals are contained inside this shampoo. This is written in a big, bold font, therefore emphasising the importance of it being organic.” Yes! Yes! Yes!” is introduced to try and describe what the user might say whilst washing their hair with this exhilarating shampoo. There is an organic theme to this advert, as the advertiser will have wanted to keep this natural image throughout this advertisement due to the current trends of the day. At the moment it is “fashionable” to eat organic foods, drink organic drinks and now it is becoming fashionable to wash your hair with organic shampoo.

The name of the product herbal essences suggests that the shampoo contains a lot of natural essences. The lettering is in a simple white font, so it stands out from the page. The name of the shampoo is repeated many times so it remains fixated in your mind. The phrase “every woman should be this satisfied once a day “has sexual connotations, as it suggests that if you get no pleasure or satisfaction from other means ,then this is the shampoo to use . This shampoo can make you feel contented, very relaxed and almost like a new woman. This thought would appeal to most women. Additionally, the text is on the top left hand side and on the bottom right hand side as this is the way people in England learn to read.

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