Analysing various company bills

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The document contains a lot of important information. It contains the amount of money the person needs to pay and what it is getting paid for. It also has the address and phone number of British Gas and the receiver, it also has the date the bill was sent. It contains all of the company’s information so the receiver knows who it is of but also incase they have any problems they know who to contact and how. It also has information at the side of the bill informing the reciever what changes are going to be made in the future with the company. It also gives the payment date and how too save money and keep the gas bill low.

The document is supposed to be aimed at only person which is Mrs M Edwards. This means that British Gas is allowed to put personal information on the bill because only the receiver is meant to see the bill. Now the bill is aimed at one person the company is allowed to put account numbers and addresses down. The age group will be generally over 18, because you have to be 18 and over to own your own house and gas account. Also it is aimed at this audience because the language is complex and a young person would find it difficult to understand what is being said in the bill.

This document uses the same font throughout for the main information, even thought it uses bold and italic. There is a slightly different font used for the company name and logo and certain headings. The majority of the text is serif . Some of the text is bigger than others, the reason for this is that it stands out to the reader. I think the style of font should be consistent throughout the bill to make it look more professional. The information that is at the side of the bill has a slightly different style font used in the headings. It looks like a bold / italic sans-serif font.

The good part about the text in this bill is that is brought to life because it has a color behind the text so it stands out. There is a lot of complex language used throughout this document. The reason for this so the point gets across to the reader. The information tries to be simple to a certain extent, but is still complex. The reader will still understand the bill but may find it difficult. But the people who will be receiving this bill are used to getting bills so they will be able to understand the bill if they get bills every week. But this bill has a lot of information in it so it is a lot for the reader to take in.

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