Analysing the ‘Dove’ deodorant Advert

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Most people have two to three televisions in their houses so generally we can’t get away from them. A lot of adverts try to manipulate people into buying something they don’t really want and won’t ever use. The product they are advertising always looks a lot nicer on the television than it does when you receive it. We are being exposed to adverts every day of our lives. Posters are adverts and they are everywhere, on billboards, walls, around schools and sometimes towns and cities.

Adverts are there to make the audience do something different, it’s always better than what the audience have at that present moment in time. Sometimes they can manipulate the audience into doing something they don’t want to do. When people make adverts they want something that will stay in the audience’s memory. Using O-S into the mirror to form a reflection of a M.S. Using O-S shot again into the mirror but showing more of the back of her body. MCU shows all of her face but because she’s holding up her arm it’s showing her armpit. Camera zooms in slowly to her face. Shows a close-up of her face. The camera is behind her in a MS but without her head. She’s still in front of the mirror.

‘Cleanse’ is printed in the right-hand side of the screen while she is on the left. Shows the product in use while ‘cleanse’ comes up on the screen. Another MCV shows her shaking a bottle on the left while ‘tone’ comes up on the right. A MCU is used to show her washing her face on the left with ‘tone’ still on the right. The camera zooms in slightly as her hands come away from her face. Shows her reaching across the screen, camera goes back to a previous MCU used after she dried her face. Shows the product filling half the screen on the right. The shelf it’s on fades out into the background and it is slightly blurred.

Next shot shows the woman’s hand coming from the left-hand side of the screen to grasp the product. Just as she takes the product off the screen the camera shot changes again. Back to the woman in the MCU shot again on the right of the screen to fit in ‘moisturise’. Also showing the product in use. ‘Moisturise’ disappears while she’s still using the product. Scene changes but the woman is still using the product. As she finishes using the product and the screen turns misty, then she disappears into the mist. Screen shows the shot of the ‘Dove’ soap. Showing a milky liquid splashing into more of it.

Camera comes out, and back into the woman’s armpit on a CU. ‘1/4’ is shown on her armpit as she has her arm in the air. ‘1/4’ gets smaller and smaller. It disappears when it gets so small that it’s impossible to read. The camera zooms in, as it gets smaller. Camera shows a MCU of half of her head and her armpit, focussing more on her armpit then her head. She strokes her armpit and feels the ‘softness’ of it. The camera turns to show a MS of her doing the same action. The scene changes and she’s in the middle of the shot sitting in a chair in a MLS. She stays in the same shot as she leans back and puts her hand behind her head.

On the right of the shot the word ‘soft comes up. Shot changes to a MCU and ‘smooth appears underneath the word ‘soft’. Her other arm goes up in the air but the shot doesn’t change and the word ‘supple’ is added underneath the previous words. As she sways towards the right of the shot the words disappear. Camera changes to the Dove deodorant coming out of the milky liquid, in the middle of the screen. The shot change to the left of the product and in the middle appears ‘makes you soft’. As the product fully appears out the liquid the shot changes back again to the full screen, the words ‘keeps you dry’ appear on the right. From the bottom of the screen the Dove logo appears. The deodorant rises until it’s right in the middle of the screen.

The first scene is in the bathroom in front of the mirror. Next she is in a different room, maybe a bedroom with a sink. She’s just come in because we see her walking towards the mirror. It looks like she’s still in the same room, but the audience can’t be certain as the camera is facing the opposite direction. She’s still in the same room but she’s doing a different action. The scene doesn’t change but is shown from behind her so we can see her reflection in the mirror.

Changes back to the view from the mirror so the audience can see her face. Goes back again behind her but has zoomed in a little. Camera keeps swapping these shots repeatedly. The shot changes so the audience can see a side-view of her in front of the mirror. The camera zooms in on the deodorant that’s in front of the mirror. Isn’t shot from the mirror but slightly to the left. The scene changes to the soap being poured into the liquid. Then fades back to the woman.

At the start the camera shows her in an O-S shot. Then shows her going into a room towards a mirror with the Dove deodorant on the shelf, but still a bit out of focus. Zooms in as she leans forward towards the mirror. Changes to the shot from the mirror to show most of her face and her shoulders. Visibly zooming in again as she inspects her face. Shot changes but the camera carries on zooming in but more subtly this time.

When she’s cleansing her face the camera follows her hand wherever she’s cleansing her face. When the shot changes the camera stays at the same distance from her but then zooms in again when the shot changes and she’s splashing her face with water. When the camera is shooting her from the side when she’s reaching for the towel the camera moves across so the audience can see her progress. The camera then moves to the deodorant that has been sitting on the shelf all the way through the advent. She then reaches for it but this time the camera doesn’t follow her it stays in the same position.

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