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A Report Analysing the Skills Required for the Post of Customer Services Assistant at Tesco INTRODUCTION To: Chris Williams (Checkout Supervisor) After receiving your email asking me to write a report on what skills are required for applicants looking to get the post of Customer Assistant. In my report I will be analysing the Tesco job description and person specification to see if they are completed accurately. All the information was gained from the Tesco official job description and the person specification provided by your company. This report will be submitted by Wednesday 30th September 2009.

2.0 FINDINGS 2.1 A Description and Analysis of the Employability Skills Required Employability skills are skills each person needs or should strive for in order to match the needs of the current economy. These include:- Time management – Keeping track of time is one of the most valuable assets available for people and organisations such as Tesco. If an applicant can understand how to manage one’s time this can contribute extremely to the success of the person and company.

Team worker – teamwork is an action between two or more people, where each person contributes their own unique skills and individual interests and opinions to towards their job to achieve common goals. So if the applicant was a team player we would benefit from him/her working with other people with coordinated effort to reach a goal for the company. Attention to detail – is where one accomplishes all tasks given with great care and attention. Having a member of staff with this skill would be beneficial because then managers will have peace of mind that all jobs will be completed to set standards. Paying attention to detail also means that if a customer asks for help the applicant would give his all to make sure what they want/need they receive as quick as possible.

2.2 A description and analysis of personal skills Certain skills will be beneficial for any job. These personal skills can be transferred throughout the workforce. These include:- Hard working – A hard worker is someone who would give 110% to all tasks given and always tries their best. Tesco would benefit from an applicant who is a hard worker because he/she would give there all to the certain job/task they were given no matter how big or small the task given was. This would also be a benefit to the customers as they would see the applicant gives his/her all to what ever query they have.

Patience and Good interpersonal skills – often in business contexts interpersonal skills refers to the measure of a person’s ability to operate within business organizations through social communication and interactions. An applicant with good interpersonal skills and patience would be ideal for our company because having positive interpersonal skills increases the productivity in an organization since the numbers of conflicts are reduced. Also showing patience would help customers who might need more help than others for example a person with a disability.

Ability to work deadlines – Can we achieve anything without a deadline? If you set a deadline you will need to know the applicant will work as hard as they can to reach this set deadline to insure all work is completed. For example if you set a applicant to clean the broken class on isle three and the applicant didn’t do it by the set deadline and a customer falls on the glass, this could evidently mean the customer could sue Tesco and bring a bad name to this highly praised company.

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