Analysing an Advertisement- Maybelline Colorama

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In this assignment I am analysing the “Maybelline Colorama” advertisement for nail varnishes. I have decided to analyse this product as it interests me personally. The advertisement shows two women wearing the nail varnish advertised. The women are both models; Quiana Grant and Adriana Lima. The models are most likely aged between 19- 22 representing the younger part of our society. This is because the advert is found in a magazine which is aimed at women aged around about 17- 29. This age group can be seen as easily manipulated people that can be persuaded to buy products through advertising. Quiana Grant is black whereas Adriana Lima is white. This is a vital point as it shows that all people can buy the product and shows racial equality.

There is not really a specific social class that the women are related to, as even though the women are shown to look quite upper class and trendy, some of the text in the advert says “ultra- affordable”, which indicates that the product is not expensive. So therefore the product can appeal to both up-market and down-market audiences. The advert was found in a magazine called “Cosmopolitan”.

The hypodermic syringe theory shows that this type of adverting injects ideas, attitudes and beliefs into an audience of this type; so many people in the same category can be influenced. So if the audience is looking at women looking good and feeling good about themselves, it can easily persuade the audience to copy them as they see them as a role model. In the type of magazine that this advert was found in, there are many adverts of the same type advertising for a similar type of product by other companies. Therefore there is a lot of competition. If there was only one type of advert in this category it wouldn’t take much effect upon the audience. But these make-up products have been advertised for so long that it makes the results more believable.

The clothing worn by Quiana Grant is a yellow vest top and a short colourful skirt which uses a lot of pinks, reds and bright colours. The other is shown wearing a rainbow coloured vest top. The clothing code makes the advertisement look much brighter and appeals more to younger people as it is more eye-catching. The women look more vibrant, younger, happier and interesting with this clothing. Whereas, if the women were to wear to very smart and dark clothing then the advertisement would not look as attractive. The facial expressions on both of the women shows the women as being very happy excited and having fun. It portrays the women as being free and energized. Both the women have their hair flying which shows freedom as though they can do what they want.

The illustration is in colour as the advertisement is representing “Colorama” nail varnishes which are very colourful products. A bright colour scheme has been used for an equally bright product. The image has been cropped in order to make the models the largest thing on the page, as they are the main focus. All the elements in the advertisement are in focus, however the background is slightly blurred, and this is so that the women and the product are the main focus when the reader turns to this page. The camera angle used for this advert is static, as the advertiser is only trying to show the product in one light; which is that the product makes you feel like a better freer person.

There is quite a lot of text used on the advertisement, but is not all in one block. The text has been split up into smaller slogans and bits of information. The “Maybelline” slogan; “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline” has been positioned in the lower left side of the double- page advertisement. The slogan is well known by most people, which could indicate to the audience that they are using a reliable product. Another slogan which has been used for this product specifically is “Colours Galore. Prices to adore”, this uses the element of rhyme. It sums up the products in only a few words which portrays the product as very colourful but not too expensive to buy. Underneath this slogan, the name of the product “Colorama” is given, in quite large lettering. And below this, it says”5 day nail colour minis” which shows the audience, that the nail varnish is quite long lasting unlike other nail varnishes produced by other companies.

Beneath this more information is given. “Got-to-have’em, mini bottles, 5 days of colour, ultra affordable, totally collectable, pick ‘n’ mix!” This show the product as being flexible, for example, you can choose how many you want to buy, there are a range of colours, there only small, and therefore can be carried around at all times and not pricey. Underneath the pictures of the product it says “In 15 mild to wild shades” which represents that there are a large range of colours available. The website address has also been included, if a reader wants to find out more.

The majority of the writing is in capital letters and in red. It stands out much more than if it was in black, as the rest of the advert is bright. The typeface however is not all that big, but still attracts attention. The brand of the product “Maybelline” is written very large across the double page spread along the bottom in capital letters, in white, which makes it stand out. This is done so if people are looking for the product in a shop it is easier for them to find, as they will remember the brand rather than the name of the specific product.

From looking at the advert, we cannot tell where the advert is set, but can tell that it is a large colourful brick wall, perhaps a wall with graffiti on it. The product has been shown quite a lot in the actual advert. On one of the pages, Adriana Lima is holding about ten nail varnishes, and on the other page the some nail varnishes have been set out across the page. The colours and the textures used within this advert show the models in having a bright interesting and exciting life.

The audience may look deeply into this advert because it relates to their own personal identity. People may look at this advert in order to find a role model for their behaviour. Placing it in the magazine “cosmopolitan” is a great way of selling these beauty products as the magazine attracts the audience full of young women who would like to follow the fashions of the models in the advert. Therefore to help them attract this audience they have placed the advert in a magazine that catches these people easily. This advert is someone’s version of reality, so when the audience of teenage n young women look at it, they can easily forget reality. The ideology behind this advert is that all women should look after their appearance. A lot of stereotyping has also been used within this advert as the physical appearance of the models shows that, that is what girls at that age should be like.

Overall the advert tries to show that if the audience were to use this product they would be joining a wonderful group of people, they would feel more appreciated and be held in high esteem by others. By using this product they could enjoy adventure and escape form reality. You could be more like famous and wealthy people and could be associated with modernity. The audience would find deep satisfaction. Overall I think that think advertisement works really well, as it is bright attractive and very eye-catching. It would make young woman escape from reality and make them feel better about them selves and introduce more excitement in their lives. Overall I can tell that commercial companies try to produce products for a certain audience, by using specific advertising techniques.

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