Analysing an advert by Coca Cola

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This is an advert advertising coca-cola. It was broadcasted between the television reality show “Big brother” and is evidently aimed at young middle-aged people. The advert instead of directly selling its product it sells a type of life-style to its audience. The lifestyle it is showing is of a young rebellious teenager who makes his own choices. It shows a lifestyle with a sense of excitement and energy. It shows the lifestyle of a teenager working for a summer job with not much interest in life. The coke makes him see his potential to be successful. The advert then shows the lifestyle of a rebellious teenager who makes his own decisions in life and does what he wants. It shows a lifestyle of a good-looking teenager who is being held back by this dismal job, it shows that this lifestyle attracts the girls and has an element of “coolness”.

The advert uses many elements of representation. The old granddad sipping tea and shaking his head represents boredom and the fact that he is drinking tea shows him being anti-social and not cool enough to drink “coca cola”. The knitted diamond-patterned, grey jumper emphasises the fact that he is grumpy and that he is does not agree with summer fun and opposes to youth. The lawn mower changes its representation from being a dismal piece of gardening equipment holding back this boy; it is then converted into a cool gadget, which skids and rides down highways. The lawnmower cuts its own path through the fields instead of following what normal people do and drive down the motorway. This shows how unique and different people who drink coca cola are and that they literally “cut their own path” in life. The lawnmower’s handlebars are positioned far apart this adds to the rebellious radical image. The boy wears sunglasses this evidently shows he is socially accepted.

The product coca cola is not shown in a significant manner. The drink is positioned on a pedestal this indicates wonderful nature and the fact that it has been treasured. The slogan “the real thing” denies all copies of the drink. As the boy takes the bottle off the pedestal the audience can see water droplets on the bottle. This shows and indicates refreshing nature of the drink. They do not throw away the empty bottle this shows that the drink has been enjoyed. The product is being portrayed to have given this boy inspiration. From drinking this coke he has now become a cool teenager making his own decisions and getting girlfriends. His image has transformed from being an obedient teenager to a rebellious dude all from drinking this product they are associating his attitude with the product.

Primarily there are many straight cuts and a couple of wipes. This creates a sense of movement and time. They use wipes to change location and time change. As the advert goes on lighting becomes increasingly intense, it is enhanced to reflect on cokes effect. It also uses flood lighting to emphasise the summer feel and enjoyment. The advert implies by using the girl that all people who drink coke are unique and stay together. It tries to build a sense of community in that all people who drink coca-cola are different and unique. As she rejects her job to be with this boy she picks up a pack of cokes these are deliberately positioned here to show that coke is the best choice of drink. In the shop there is a fan blowing her hair around this gives her a sense of wildness and daring.

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