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Media is a very powerful method of communication with mass audience and has many different ways of presenting itself to people of all different ages. There are different purposes, which the media is used for; one of the most common uses of media is advertisement. Advertisements are the best technique of introducing new products to people. Adverts can be presented in many different ways such as TV, radio, newspapers or magazines.

What I am going to be looking at, are two adverts from two different magazines, both adverts are on perfumes, I will be analysing the two adverts, which advertise similar products, this way we can look into different techniques used by advertisers to make their advert unique and therefore saleable. The ways that the two adverts are structured and presented are completely different, mainly because they are targeted to two different age groups.

The first advert is showing a male relaxing on the beach with his child, they are smiling and appear happy, confident and relaxed. Colour is cleverly used in this advert, because basically the two main colours in the picture, which stand out the most, are green and blue, which represent tranquillity and calmness. The scene is trying to portray the idea of relaxation and freedom in the reader’s mind, this is called image connotation, and this is what the reader picks up after looking at images in the advert, this gives the reader the motive to go and buy that product.

The needs of the target audience is cleverly linked with the character in the advert, the man in the advert is shown having a pleasant relaxed time and a stress free life, the message that this advert is putting across to the readers is that this product gives you peace and harmony a thing which most middle-aged men are after, so the image connotation of the advert is relevant to the target audience’s needs.

This advert has no copy (written information) so all the description is fit and presented in the photo. There are two reasons for this; people are more likely to look and pay more attention to adverts with good presentation and interesting photos rather than reading a whole lot of written information about the product. The second reason for only using a photo is that they are trying to say that they are selling a way of life rather than a perfume so rather than putting this into words they want us to conjure up this in our minds just by looking at the photo and the way that the advert is presented.

The layout of this advert is quite simple because most of the advert is just pictures, however there is one thing that stands out in the advert and that is the name of the product which is in white at the top of the page. The name of the products consists of four letters, “LAUDER pleasures FOR MEN” as we can see, by using a bigger and a different font the word pleasures is conspicuous in the name, the reason being is, they want us to associate the word “pleasure” with their product, and it is sort of like a one word slogan for this product. The word ” men” has been used in the name of the perfume this is just to emphasize on the masculinity of the perfume.

The product that is being advertised is mentioned by picture and name. The picture of the product in its bottle can be seen at the bottom of the page, the reason for this is simply to introduce us to the shape and the looks of this product so if we see it somewhere, we go and buy it. This advert has a very unique feature which is quite effective and the reader can experience the smell of the perfume, by lifting a piece of paper attached to the advert which has the smell of the perfume on it, the reason that I believe this feature is an effective technique is because this is like handing out a free sample of the product to people and people get to use the product and if they like they will buy it.

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