Analyse the pencil and explain how it might be applied to a persons employment

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The Pancil consists 5 basic guidelines on how a Buddhist should construct there life. They are not rules but merely guidelines and pointers to help a Buddhist on his / her way to enlightenment. The Pancil is fundamental to the Buddhist teaching on morality (sila) and supports way of morality in the noble eightfold path. Right speech is one is one of the precepts. Right livelihood is fulfilled tough observing the guidelines of the Pancil. I am now going to analyse the Pancil and show how it can be applied to a person’s employment.

Each precept has a positive quality to be developed as well as a negative condition which is to be avoided. I undertake to abstain from taking life, in basic form this means not to kill. This would out rule a job in the army or arms manufacturing also working for a company that supplied either of those would be out. Taking life also can mean making someone’s life un-enjoyable this can be applied to someone’s job so that they make sure that any one below them has got fair pay and equal rights also that they should not have a job in a company works in a way that upsets other people.

The positive side of this is By deeds of loving kindness I purify my body. This means that a Buddhist should try and help others to give other life as such or somebody’s energy. This would be fulfilled by been a doctor as this would give people life and energy by helping relieve pain and maybe save a life. I undertake to abstain from taking what is not freely given, again this has a simple and more complicated meaning. Simply this is no to steal so obviously a theft or con man would be out of the question. There is however, much more complex way to look at this.

It to do with not exploiting some one for your own gain this is often quite legal it also dose not only apply to material thing but can be put to time wasting or energy taking. This could be applied to some types of advertising and salesmen tactics and also the sale of drugs, tobacco or other addictive substances. The positive side of this is with openhanded generosity I purify my body. This means that a Buddhist should be generous a job that would fulfil this is anything that is giving such as for charity or been a teacher as you are giving education and understanding.

I undertake to abstain from the misuse of the senses; this precept is to do with over indulgence of the sexual senses. This may be applied to jobs such as a lap dancer or working in the pornography industry or any jobs linked to sexual misconduct. The positive side of this is with stillness, simplicity and contentment I purify my body. This means that a Buddhist should follow the middle way; they should live a healthy and simple life, not letting anything take over their life.

This would mean a Buddhist should not take to high a salary over what they need nor should they let their job take over their life. I undertake to abstain from wrong speech. Wrong speech is the opposite to right speech, which is part of the noble eightfold path. It includes things like not telling lies and not spreading gossip. I can think of no job that is in contradiction to it unless the person makes it so, for instance a politician can tell the truth all the time or lie, they make there job good or bad the same is for a journalist.

The positive side of this is ‘with truthful communication, I purify my speech’ this means to be honest in all a Buddhist dose, but also to be kind in what a Buddhist says and do not and to be truthful to yourself. This can be applied to someone’s job that they should not have a false but a realistic job. It also means to be kind in what you say this can means you should not only tell the truth but make sure what you say is kind you should also not give the wrong impression or put on an act this again can relate to journalist. I undertake to abstain from taking drugs and alcohol which clouds the mind.

This would also apple to selling drugs or alcohol, for instance a job as a publican could be in conflict this although if you don’t let people drink too much it would be o. k. However if you let them drink too much you would put them in contradiction of the pencil and hence yourself. The positive side of this is ‘with mindfulness, clear and radiant I purify my mind’ this mean that a Buddhist should always be try and be ‘awake’ this is what it is to be enlightened. This would relate to someone’s job that they should help others on the way to enlightenment or to enlighten someone though the press or teaching.

These, as I said are guidelines they are not restricting rules and it depends on you interpretation of them how you follow them. Most jobs are completely viable few are not and these are basically immoral any way and a good person would not follow them. For many jobs it depends on how you make it you can be a business man and depend on child labour and lie about your poor quality products or you can use fair trade and be fair with there sales. This would be alright and could be applied to most jobs for all people.

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