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What sort of job would you find in this industry? Name some companies in this industry: An industry you would be interested in? If not – why not? Agriculture, Forestry, fishing Jobs: Agriculture: Farmer and grounds and maintenance manager Forestry: territory sales manager, field sales executive, Ranch manager

Fishing: fishermen and production manager Companies: Clementson Pearse, Christopher Murray, Penguin recruitment, mercer farming, hull fish company The agriculture industry is not stable at the moment due to the economic recession. Also I cannot farm or fish. Seasonal factors affect stability. Energy and water Jobs: Energy: biomass project manager, plant workers, electricians, solar energists

Water: plumbers, water maintenance engineer, pipe fitters  Companies: EDF, British Gas, Thames Water, Veolia water, Scottish water.The energy and water industry does not interest me because I do not like working in any of the jobs which I mentioned and outdoor environment is something which does not interest me. Manufacturing Jobs: Manufacturing: Car mechanic, warehouse supervisor, manufacturing design engineer, fashion designer, mail sorters, factory operator.

Companies: magnum interior, total clothing, vinyl cut graphics, G and G graphics, BMW, Microsoft. Working in the outdoors does bother me because I do not like working in sandy, dirty conditions. Also mechanics tend to be a male dominated field of the sector. Construction Jobs: Construction: architecture, business analysis manager, financial construction manager, site manager, civil engineering

Companies: Timothy James consulting, DP group, Northern island informatiq, subsea 7 LTD, Murphy, balfour beatty, carillion plc. I am not a brilliant designer, so I wouldn’t trust myself in building and constructing a brand new building. However, construction also tends to be a male dominated sector. Distribution, hotels and restaurants Jobs: Distribution: FedEx, Tour Operator

Hotels: hotel receptionist, security guard. Restaurants: Chef, waiter/waitress, restaurant manager, Bartender, Companies: Marriot, Pizza hut, McDonalds, Hilton hotel chain, Hill McGlynn, Radisson SAS, Ritz I am not interested in working in the hotel/restaurant industry because I am not a good server or chef. I can barely cook. However, serving people is not something which highly interests me.

Transport and communications Jobs: Transport: Lorry driver, train driver, pilot, captain of boat, bus driver, steward/stewardess. Communications: telecommunication engineer, communication maintenance manager. Companies: British Airways, Pack and Move, Queen Mary Boat company, TFL, virgin broadband, BT, talk talk and tiscali. I am not interested in working in the transport and communication industry because I find it a routine job, whereas I am a person who likes variation. However, I am quite interested in travelling so working onboard a plane as a stewardess does interest me.

Banking and finance Jobs: Banking: Bank manager, records management, cashier, financial advisor. Finance: Accountant, office management, equity analyst, mortgage advisor. Companies: Barclays, Chartered accountant LTD, NatWest, Citigroup, HSBC capital. The banking and Finance sector is an industry which I am interested in because I like working  with the application of mathematics combined with business. I have good analytical skills which benefits me into not having to take extra training.

Public administration, education and health Jobs: Public Administration: lawyer, police and firemen Education: filing manager, teacher, school nurse, learning support. Health: doctor Nurse, dentist Companies: NHS, St Mary’s Hospital, Harley street clinics, BMI healthcare and BUPA healthcare. The education and health industry does interest me because serving and working to make the community a safer place is something which I am interest in.

Which of the industries interests me? The term banking and finance simply refers to a sector of the economy which provides consumers with financial services. This industry caught my eye because I enjoy the application of Mathematics and Business both in one. I am primarily interested in corporate financing, which simply consists of providing the funds for corporations. The fact that risks are involved and predicting profitability for shares prices also allows the adrenaline to be pumping which I like.

The jobs which I am currently interested in regardless of the current economic climate are stockbroker, accountant, equity analyst, basically any job field which allows me to carry out predictions and maximise an entity wealth. I tend to have good analytical and teamwork skills. To be able to enter the field of banking and finance you would have to embark on further/higher education studies and gain qualifications in the relevant field. The qualifications which are required are usually a university degree in the relevance field. E.g. Bsc Business Management and finance.

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