Analyse Consumer Behaviour For Specific Markets

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‘Holder released the new Manor into the Australian market to huge orders and an amazing level of public interest. ‘ 1 . What were the target market segments for Holder Manor? 2. What was the positioning of the product in the market place? 3. What was the focus of appeal of the new vehicle? 4. How distinct is the product’s position from other Holder sports vehicles? 5. Would the Holder Manor be doing damage to HAS sales? Target Market Segments The demographic segment will be of men between the age of 30 and all the way up to 65.

These men would certainly have to be wealthy, seeing as the base price for the new Manor will be roughly $60,000. These men would enjoy driving fast and powerful sports cars and would enjoy the effect that the car will have on their reputation and status. Another possible market segment could be younger men, probably tradesmen of some sort, who have a lot of expendable money and who might be adrenaline chases or “honor”. These younger men would probably enjoy driving fast and would reveal in the power off v engine. Product Positioning

Holder is painting a bright future for itself with a new multifaceted advertising campaign that it says will keep the lion badge roaring beyond 2017 when local production ceases. Using a concerted combination of television, cinema, outdoor and digital and media, the ‘Let’s Go There’ campaign heralds “a wave of exciting new models” and a focus on the next generation of Holder owners. It is the latest building block in a strategy to get Australians looking to the future of the Holder Manor. Focus of Appeal Assessment Task 2 Analyses Consumer Behavior For Specific Markets By Sam-Presents

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