Analyse and evaluate two advertisements

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Analyse and evaluate two advertisements for similar products, commenting on their style, content and approach. Explain which advertisement you find the most effective and why. The adverts I chose were Max Factor’s “hyper smooth” foundation (advert A) and Loreal’s “air wear” foundation (advert B). The same product but two different companies, which waste more effort to advertise the product and how effective are they? Advert A is a closed up photo of a woman showing how good is her complexion of her skin. Half of the photo is her skin, this is trying to show us that how effective the foundation is.

Also by having a nice looking woman, it makes the ladies who looked at the advert, want to try it on as well, so they can have the nice smooth effect on the wearer’s skin, making them think subconsciously that they look, and are, like the woman in the advert. It also have small diagram to show how hyper smooth works, so the users know what’s going on, on their skin. A quote from Oscar winning Make-up artist increases the population of buyers. It increases because that on the movie the actresses looks nice because she wears the product, as being a ordinary people they want to look nice, therefore they will rush off to the nearest shop to buy the product.

It’s not just the product they advertising they also, advertising the whole company, in a small font telling us that they could visit their website to know more about their company and what other product they have available. Having short catchy sentences, helps the readers to remembers the sentences and it product easier and quicker, so they can remember to tell their friends about its good points in few sentences, which will gain more customer for the company.

The brown background colour represents the smoothness of the foundation and offers a drastic contrast to the model’s pale, “beautiful” skin. This will make the reader think that being pale is beautiful and they will go and buy this product to be as beautiful as the model shown. Advert B shows a celebrity being happy with this product, therefore encouraging the general public (mainly the female population) to buy this product, under the subconscious hope that they would like the celebrity. The celebrity stands out against the light background colour. It does also give us the light and happy atmosphere. This shows the product is not thick and heavy, but a thin and smooth foundation which is breathable.

It also gives a free sample of the product, for the magazine readers to try it out and feel confident that they are beautiful as well as to make sure that their skin isn’t allergic to it. If the users feels comfortable with advert B’s product, they will buy the product, which is an advantage to the company and it also gain trust from the users that they are not lying that the product is “Long-wearing Breathable Make-up”. It also shows us the choice of colours that is available, so it won’t disappoint us with the fact that they only have one colour if they hadn’t shown the available choice of colours.

There’s a diagram on the advert to show us how it is that the product still lets your skin to breathe when the skin is covered up with foundation. Next to the diagram there is a caption saying that the product is smooth, long lasting with “no mask effect”. This proof that it is thin that it makes the user feel there’s hardly any thick make up on them. The word “AT LAST” as highlighted. It shows us that Loreal is claim to be the first company to produce a foundation that is “breathable”, telling us there is no other company has the formula for it, so there is no other choice but to buy their foundation if they want their skin to breathe.

If I was the reader I think the Loreal Air Wear is more persuasive than Max Factor’s is, because Max Factor’s advert is very tense and serious, while Loreal’s advert is more light and happy. Having a “breathable ” skin is healthier and more important than having a plumped out skin, which might could be a thick foundation. Having a thick foundation could lead to blocked pores, which in itself could lead to blemishes, so I would be more likely to choose the lighter-wearing make-up.

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