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This is an analysis of the following television adverts, which were shown on 22nd November 2001, in breaks during ‘Peak Practice’. This is a drama about a doctor’s surgery and it is filmed in the Peak District. It begins at 9.00pm and is therefore regarded as adult and teenage viewing. Because it is shown in the evenings, you would expect men, women and teenagers to watch this programme and also the adverts shown. Some of the adverts are on at this specific time, in between Peak Practise to sell their goods or services to the kind of people watching this programme, who are teenagers and adults.

The adverts were shown in the following order: 1. Toshiba television sold by Currys 2. ITV Digital 3. BT Cell net 4. 2oth Century Fox Dr Dolittle 5. Intercitrus 6. Toshiba 7. Weetabix 1. Toshiba television sold by Currys. The screen shows a picture of a girl wearing a bright eye-catching orange top. This is because the viewers would notice her, then listen to more of what she says. She is in a room, inside a house. She has her arms out- stretched and is saying to her Dad ‘ It was this big!’ The next scene shows a picture of the wide screen television that she is referring to, with the ‘Grinch’ film on its screen. Writing appears on the screen, showing the price is only 991.00′ in black. The print is noticeable. The Currys logo is also shown and the phrases ‘Currys No Worries’. Then the voiceover says ‘Larger than life’

This advert reflects the fact that, daughters can persuade their Dads to buy them things and the image of the girl and her father in a house makes people feel that this could be themselves in a natural situation. She refers to the television as big, which would strike a chord with her Dad because men tend to like big technical things. Not always men but in this context. The showing of the Grinch, which is a Christmas film this year, persuades children that they need this large television now, if they want see the film at` Christmas.

The high price is played down by referring to the TV being ‘only’ so that people will feel, it is cheap. Currys ends the advert by suggesting, with its catchphrase which is ‘currys no worries’that it would be safe to buy from them, giving the overall impression that this television is desirable, well priced, and necessary to have. The company is aiming this advert at people, who would like to think of themselves as having a wide screen television but they cannot really afford it. The advert is really persuading people to buy it by saying things like it is ‘only 1991.00’ which is a lot of money, but the way they say it, you just really want the television so you do not notice the price. This advert is a good and it could be very successful.

2 ITV Digital

There have been a series of these ITVdigital adverts, with the same characters. This is because they want you to recognize them so that you become interested in their product. There is a clever puppet monkey and a silly man having a conversation about ‘ITV DIGITAL’. Which starts by seeing the silly man sitting on the sofa and the monkey coming in and saying ‘I have been attacked’ and the silly man says, ‘was it those boys off the estate again’ and the monkey replies ‘incorrect tubby man’ and then, carries on saying ‘I was savaged by two women in a shop who claimed me as their own’ He hides behind the curtain and says ‘the fools, I am a prisoner in my own home’ the silly man says,” what about a disguise”?

The monkey says “yes, something low key, like a unicorn”. Then the monkey hits his head and shows the viewers a board with all the information on about ITVdigital. The silly man says, “monkey, what have you done with monkey? “The monkey replies,” its me! the silly man says to the monkey, “you have stolen monkey’s voice”. Imposter! There have been other adverts like this with the same characters, so that they are recognisable to the viewers and because they are repeated they instantly know what it is about.

There is small print flashed at the bottom of the screen. This is too small to read, and is like this, because it gives the detailed terms and conditions of the offer. Possibly, these would put people off applying, so the advertiser deliberately diverts the viewers attention away, in the hope that the person watching, will be so engrossed by the drama of the advert and want so much to buy the product that he will not notice them. This advert is aimed at adults with funds to buy ‘ITV digital’ and also teenagers who nag their parents for ‘ITVdigital’

As this advert is humorous, the viewers continue paying attention and sub- conscientiously take note of all the advantages of ITV digital. The advert and its images familiarise you with the characters and so when you go into a TV shop to choose a digital system which gives you extra channels, you will be drawn to the display with the monkey character and therefore be more likely to buy this system.

3. BT Cellnet

This shows a black bride on the night before her wedding, and her family gathered around, sitting in a lounge. They are using all the different BT services that the company offer, which are: phone, internet, answer phone and conference calls. Her mother is using a BT Cellnet phone to tell someone about the groom she says, “he is Scottish and he is lovely”. She also says, I need to phone my sister in Antigua,” which tells the viewers that you can call almost anywhere around the world. She then uses a laptop to send an email to tell someone not to wear peach colour to the wedding. We also see a shot of the grandfather ironing his trousers. This character has been in a series of these adverts this reminds the viewers.

The next shot is of the wedding in church. The ceremony is followed by very lively music and the congregation, which is of both black and white people, who are singing and dancing, this shows how people from all over the country can be brought together by their services. The final shot is of the bride, who is black, and the groom, who is white and Scottish, together. The BT slogen comes up – ‘we have more ways of bringing people together’. This catchphrase is used throughout the different BT series. In this case BT are bringing together ‘Lara and ‘Mark.

The point being made to the viewers, is that BT Cellnet has so many communication products, that it can bring together a couple and people around the world who are from different ethnic communities. If it can do this, for them then it can do wonders for you and you should choose to buy the different services that they offer. This advert is good, as it shows what BT is about in a real life situation. If you need to make urgent last minute calls, then you can actually see what information is being put across. It does make the BT company appear more appealing than other companies, as it offers so many different methods of communication.

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