An Interesting Overview of Badminton

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Badminton is a sport played with racquets by two opponents or two opponent pairs on a court that looks like a tennis court. Players win points when the ball goes over the net and strikes at the other side of the court close to the opponent. The ball used in this sport is called a shuttlecock and is not actually a ball. It has an aerodynamic shape that gives it the properties and qualities that the whole sport is based on. It has feathers that create a higher speed causing it to be very affected by the wind. This is why competitive matches or matches of high importance are usually played indoors. Badminton is an Olympic sport and it requires physical strength and high techniques.

The game was fully developed in Britain taking the form it has today and stating the rules. However, an amateur form of the game can be traced in British India in the 18th century. It was a game preferred by upper classes and ladies could also play. It was also very common in ladies schools. Duke of Beaufort showed interest in the game and helped in the development. Soon the first clubs and societies appeared and championships started. The international federation was established in 1934 and the sport became very popular in many countries. If you have a tennis racquet and want to use it to play badminton, you will probably face some difficulties. The racquets used for this sport are very light, made of different materials and their shape is restricted by the game’s laws. The shuttlecock or shuttle has a conic shape that is open in one end. The close part is made of cork and the open part is made of feathers. There are also synthetic shuttles that have a lower cost and last longer. They are preferred by beginners. There are shuttles that have an indication of speed. Green is for low speed, blue for middle speed and red for fast speed. The indication serves the game as a faster shuttle should be used in cold temperatures and a slow one is hot climates. As you can understand it is very light and requires a good technique in order to be able to hit it towards the desired direction.

To win in a game of badminton the player needs to have a lot of qualities. First of all, the game requires physical strength and the ability to move fast. Secondly, the player should have the right equipment that can assist in having a good game. The player should also be familiar with the strokes and have a good technique to perform them. Another ability good players have is deception. Being able not to show exactly which stroke you are going to perform, can surprise your opponent and allow him less time to be prepared. The game has a lot of fans and it is very interesting once you understand the basic rules. If you have an opportunity to take part in a game or to attend one, make sure you do so. You will certainly have fun.

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