An induction day in any terms means a basic introduction day to the business

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Most businesses prefer to run there induction day in the same premises, or they might be taken to a different organisation to train them for the work, how them what are expected to do. For Thorpe Park all candidates will have to attend the induction entitled Creating the Magic. The aim of this workshop is to give new employees the tools and the direction to achieve the knowledge they need to be a successful employee. If an induction day is held at Thorpe Park, the costs are not going to be that much as it will be within the organisation for a standard induction day it would cost about less than fifty pounds.

The purpose of an induction program is to allow candidates to learn about the business, take in great information of the business, understand the legal aspects and health and safe precautions. An induction process will involve plenty of stages of work shown to the new candidate. Firstly, the candidate will be talked about the business, some of the back ground history on what they are (e. g. Thorpe Park, huge organisation from a well know business “Tussauds” group) so this will make them feel motivated.

They will talk about the business, some of their achievements in past and what they have achieved so far, and what is expected from the candidate to achieve. The next stage would be to take them around the premises, introduce the candidate to senior managers, assistants, managers, supervisors to make them feel they are wanted. One of the main aspects of the induction program would be to take them health and safety aspects, in a case of a fire or any sort of emergency they will be taken to various places in the building so they remain safe in a case of an accident.

There could be a small health and safety area in the workplace, may be for cuts or minor injuries this will all be shown to the new candidate. Training: In most cases training will be provided and would be within the premises. Some basic training will be offered to the new applicant, showing them their work. Training also covers “work shadow” where the new applicant would be watching employees carry out their work, this would give them an idea of what they are expected to do.

Staff can have a formal and informal chat to the applicant, a formal chat would be advising them the importance of work and an informal chat will just make them feel as if they in a friendly environment. Communication: Communication must reach the right person, if in case there is some thing private that needs to be said it should be said directly or via phone, as communication is vital and it should reach the right person. During the induction day, a brief talk on the laws that need to be abided, a talk on retirement and what is offered. Breach of any rules within the organisation:

Businesses have certain rules and regulations they need to follow, these al are explained / told to the applicant and they are told their punishment if they breach any of these rules. By breaking any rules of the organisation the applicant will be offered to pay a price for it. Stages of Dismissal: For example, “if a worker arrives late quite a few times a week” First they will be given a verbal warning, jus told that they breaking the rules of organisation. The second stage is a Written Warning telling them that they need to stop coming late and this time it would be serious.

Finally, after leaving no choices for the business they will have to dismiss the employee from work. Motivation: Motivation is known as an inner boost inside you to make you feel happy at work. What makes your feel motivated; encouragement and personal gain. As an employee you would feel happy if you were encouraged for doing good work, also this would be your personal gain because you have achieved something useful. People at work would not like it if they a treated like a “computer” by simply switching it on and by doing the work and then switching it off bye saying good bye, how boring could that be, employees would feel de-motivated.

The main reason by Thorpe park offers a motivational package is that they are huge organisation and they want to see their staff happy at all times, by keeping them happy Thorpe park needs to grant them some sort of reward or praise. Thorpe parks moto is “We create magic moments”, means they offer a really good service to their customers as well as their staff. There are two ways in which Thorpe Park motivates their staff: – Financially – Non Financially Financially: By offering some sort of money, e. g. bonuses, voucher, dream tickets (entitles the staff to get 40 free tickets to visit the attraction when ever they want) of your choice.

Non Financially: By offering some sort of praise, a party for Christmas any many other motivational techniques to keep their staff happy to work. Legal Framework: Race Relations Act 1976: The Race Relations Act 1976, as amended by the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, makes it unlawful to discriminate against anyone on grounds of race, colour, nationality (including citizenship), or ethnic or national origin. The amended Act also imposes positive duties on many public authorities to promote racial equality.

This act applies to all business, when selecting a new candidate for a job, business can NOT discriminate against anyone cause of their colour of their skin, nationality or race any one not offered a job because of they match that criteria then the business would be in trouble as they would be discriminating and this would be against the law. Sex Discrimination Act 1975: The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom to protect men, women and transgendered people from discrimination on the grounds of gender.

The Act is mainly in relation to employment, training, education, the provision of goods and services and in the disposal of premises. The Sex Discrimination Act with the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) whose main duties are to work towards the elimination of discrimination, to promote equality of opportunity between sexes and to keep under review the workings of the Sex Discrimination Act. The main purpose of this act it that any organisation should not discriminate against male or female because of their gender, men cannot get paid more then women simply because of their gender.

Disability Discrimination Act 1995: The Disability Discrimination Act is a UK parliamentary act of 1995, which makes it unlawful to discriminate against people in respect of their disabilities in relation to employment, the provision of goods and services, education and transport. This law states that businesses can not reject someone’s application because they have some sort of disability, by doing this they would be discriminating against disabled people, having a disability does not they are not eligible for equal opportunities just like normal people. Reasons for Recruiting:

As for a big organisation such as Thorpe Park where there are hundreds of employees, there are many reasons why Thorpe Park might have to recruit someone new. Firstly the current employee might leave the job for reasons such as; long term sick – a person could be suffering from some sort of a disease or serious pain that might make them they should leave the job, may be cause of their weak performance. Women could go on a maternity leave, there could be a long period of time, some might return to their original job but other might decide to quit to look after the baby.

Another reason could be a person is going to get retired at a certain age where he/she may feel they cannot work any longer. As Thorpe Park is such a big organisation they could decide to expand their business, maybe add another section to their business (extra rides, shows etc… ) this will need more employees to cover the expanded section. As of great performance at Thorpe Park someone could get ‘Promoted’ to a higher status, more pay as well as more responsibilities.

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