An ICT System for a Yellow Pages Supplier

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The branch I am designing the system for is only a small firm but works for a large company Yellow Pages. The Advertising agency which received adverts from local businesses to advertise in the local newspapers and magazines had no trouble whatsoever with finding the address of the person to post the sample adverts to. The process includes: Receiving letters from the third party who sends the letter on behalf of the company that they represent. They afterwards send the desired text to be seen on the advert, sizes, and the appropriate colour scheme to the advertising company.

Before the actual advert are designed the person who will receive the phone call should calculate the amount of money the representative would have to pay for the advert to be developed and printed. If the representative is pleased with the price quoted then he/she would process the advert further. The factors that would have an affect on the cost of the advert are:

Size of the advert Black and white/colour advert Amount of words on the advert Picture present absent, also amount of pictures Price inc. VAT The employee who is responsible for the design stage then will combine the colours to match the text colour and the background picture. He/she would come up with a reasonable number of sample adverts and would pass them down the chain of commands to the person level bellow him which the clerk who is responsible to post the samples back to the third parties. The addresses off the third parties or the representatives are stored in the filing cabinets which could be accessed by the clerk whenever they are needed.

At this stage is then the problem arises because as years have progressed the company has eventually expanded in order to satisfy the number of increasing companies who desire to use the agency’s services. The clerk now faces a problem because it is indeed very complex to physically access the stored information about the representatives. The clerk therefore desires to use an appropriate IT system to be able to design a database which would considered necessary to be in Microsoft Excel.

The system should also be able to produce an efficient and accurate quote for the advert to be developed. Then a special button could make a command to transfer the address details to a Mail Merge and then the address could be easily printed on the sticker paper using a special type of printer. In order to calculate a price of the advert and give the representative a quote, the employee on the phone will have to use several sources of data which would also be included in the system.

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