An I.T. System for Estate Agents

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After looking at the existing system that the estate agents have been using for many years and I have identified the problems that need to be looked into in some detail and suggested suitable problems that I think will make sure that these problems do not stop the estate agents from getting a new improved way of working. The main problem that I have found with the system is that it is a paper-based system and only the minimal things are done on computer.

The reason why I have identified this as the main problem is because I have found many disadvantages that this type of system has and when looking into a computerised system I know that this type of system will have many more advantages for estate agents. The main problem with this system is that it is very time consuming and wastes a lot of time. The main solution that I have found to solve many of the problems is to create a computerised system. This will solve many problems as all records and information will be safely stored onto the computer where anyone can access them at any time.

The problems that the paper-based system had included things such as, everything that needed to be done become a very time consuming task and would waste a lot of time as everything would have to be found before the task could actually be done. This problem would easily be solved if they had a computerised system as all records will be stored in different databases on the computer which will be very easily accessible this will make it much more easier to find any records or files that are being looked for.

This in the long run would save a lot of time for the worker and the task would be able to be done much easier and faster. An example of a task that would be very time consuming for a worker when using the paper-based system would be when matching suitable houses to customers. This would be so much quicker on computer as the computer would automatically match up what you are looking for by using a query or a filter instead of having to look up all the individual records of the different houses.

Another problem with all records being kept on paper was that many things could be lost very easily and never found again, this would also waste a lot of time, as time would have to be wasted looking for records that have been misplaced. If a computer system was used it would not be likely that any records would be lost easily as they would all be stored in databases and files.

Also a copy of all the information that is stored onto the computer could easily be copied onto a disk so that if anything was to ever be lost or if the computer was to ever break down there would always be a back up copy of all the records and work stored onto the computer. This system would not keep the estate agents well organised as they would always be looking for things and there would be many pieces of paper kept everywhere. When using a computer there would be no need to keep many pieces of paper lying around the office as everything would be on the computer so they would be a lot more organised and efficient workers.

Another problem would be that only one person could have the record or piece of information at any one time and it would cause many problems if some one else needed it as well. This would easily be solved if a computer system was used as everyone could be linked to the same network so that everyone would have the information whenever they needed it. Also with everyone on the same network if any mistakes needed to be changed or corrected about a customer or a house once one person changed it o their computer it would change in everyone else’s computer so they would all have the correct information.

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