An I.T. System for a Games Retailer

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A friend (Mr. Bat) owns and manages a games retailers company in East London called ‘GAMEZ’. He requires an I. T system to ensure faster service for his customers and a more reliable ordering system. The problems are the current system is that because it is paper based things get lost and invoices are hard to create and find. Member information is not safe, anyone could access as the information is stored in a binder on the counter. Background to the problem The manager needs to be able to view member information, view all products in stock and add or remove products form the list.

He also needs to create invoices quickly and efficiently. As the company is relatively new there are only 10 members, the member information needs to be displayed showing date of birth, address, name, telephone number, post code etc. The manager has the basic knowledge needed to run an I. T system, knowing how to use V Look Up functions, knowing the basic principles on how to work a spreadsheet. The gain will be that the manager will spend less time looking for member information, creating invoices and looking for products. The time wasted now could be used to make another sale or serve another customer.

The end user(s) will be the manager and maybe anyone who he has employed, most likely they will all carry out the same actions needed to be done. The general I. T knowledge of the end users vary, as a result I am going to make a very simple system and make all the facilities, macros, dropdown boxes for example as easy to use as possible using names on the toolbar and buttons. Solution to Problem To solve the above problems I am going to create a menu system which will contain several macros to format all of the information for the company ‘GAMEZ’.

There will be buttons for adding/deleting product information and amending member information. There will be a button to clear an invoice. There will a button to exit the menu and save it. End User Requirements User Skills The end user is familiar with Microsoft Excel and has knowledge of macros and knows how to use a keyboard. The end user is not able to create spreadsheet which can show product information and member information. User Requirements The end user will have to know how to navigate Microsoft Excel. A handout explaining how to create macros (if needed) will be created along with the menu system.

The user has to know the basic settings of the macro system for example the set up of buttons on the main menu etc. The user will have to study the handout correctly in order to use the menu system correctly. Overall system structure Mr. Bat requires an Excel based I. T system that will allow him to input product/member numbers and view the data clearly. He also needs to create invoices. Analysis of current system The current System is paper based, all member information is kept in a binder which is stored on the counter, invoices are produced on invoice slips and these are stored in a box underneath the till.

Invoices can get lost easily and if the box drops the invoice slips are likely to lose their correct order. Member information is manually written on pieces of paper, the information contained is Address, Name, Telephone Number, Date of Birth, and Member Number. The member information is then stored in a binder, it is not stored in alphabetical or numerical order. If/when the new member information is needed to be viewed it has to be searched through the binder. When adding product numbers they are written manually on a product list.

The product list is stored under the till. The product list is not in alphabetical or numerical order, when finding a new or old product it is a long process. When Creating an invoice, invoice slips are used. Order information is manually written on the invoice slips. Mistakes can be made. The order is displayed on the invoice slip, showing what has been ordered, the quantity, and the price including the total. When calculating the total price on a single order, it is a long process because a calculator has to be used.

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