An analytical report to discuss the HEG Infoway project

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The aim of this report is to discuss the project HEG Infoway. This project can be said to be a failure because of the number of reasons discussed under the various head in this report. Author was the part of this project and had first hand experience about each and everything that presumably went against the project. First section of this report provides the brief summary about the HEG Company, its requirement and the reasons for giving the project to Software Company called Bhilwara Infotech ltd.

Then, under the head literature review, an honest effort is made to provide the literature about the normal causes of failure of software projects. The second section of this report tries to link these common believes and thoughts of different researchers with this HEG project. Finally, the report will make appropriate conclusions and recommendations for the making and implementation of successful software projects. 2. 0 About HEG Set up in 1977, HEG is a diversified company with interests in graphite electrodes, textiles, sponge iron & hydropower.

From a modest investment made in 1977, today the company is reporting a turnover of Rs. 5720 million (120 million US$). HEG Ltd. , a premier company of the LNJ Bhilwara Group is Asia’s leading graphite electrodes manufacturer. HEG is an ISO 9002 company. System requirements and Technologies: The system will need Microsoft IIS-5. 0 web server, a database management system of Oracle8i. The system database would support 1000 users working simultaneous on different consoles. The intended users of the project were pre-defined users.

All the pages of the project had to be secure pages and access would be available through proper validation process like username and password. BIL used Microsoft’s . Net Framework for development of the project using C# language. 3. 3 Kick off meeting and initial settlements: The kick off meeting was organized. It included the CEO of both the companies, MR. Surana, for HEG and Mr. Sanjeeva Dubey, for BIL, along with the full marketing team of HEG and the team of programmers of BIL.

The price of the project was settled very nominal, as it was the group company and the sole owner of both the companies was same, Mr L. N. J. Money just had to go from the accounting books of one company to the accounting books of another. Duration of the project was kept six months, with no logical reason, as at this point of time, nobody was actually sure about the scope of project. 4. 0 BIL started working on project: For BIL, it was not very big project. They didn’t see much profits coming out of it. They appointed the team consisting of one project leader, three programmers and a trainee. Their detail is as follows: 1). G. A. Kanna: Team Leader: A Software engineer by qualifications.

That time, he had four years of development experience. His position was “Software Engineer” but just for this project he got the role of “Acting Project Leader”. 2). Chanderpreet: Programmer: She had three years of programming experience and had done Masters in computer application. 3) Vyom Agrawal: Programmer: He had four years of programming experience. He had done his degree in Mechanical engineering. 4). Vikramjit Sharma: Programmer: He had two and a half years of programming experience and had also done Masters in computer application.

5) Pancham Gupta: Management Trainee: He was in final year of Bachelor of Engineering degree. He was the part of the team, as it was the part of its curriculum of the university. As we can see, it was not very week team in terms of experience and qualification. But they all chose to develop this project in “. NET Technology”. It was the very new technology introduced by Microsoft Corporation Ltd. , only few months before. None of the members of team had ever worked in this technology but still they chose to so that they get the working knowledge of one of the very new and hottest technology.

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