An analysis of the effectiveness of the two advertisements on cars

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The two advertisements that I am going to analyse are concerning cars. One is advertising a Toyota Yaris, whereas the other is advertising the new Peugeot 206 Gti . I feel that the target audiences are different for the two advertisements. I think that the Peugeot advert is aimed at young people, because it is a fast car, it is also a smaller type of car I also think that this is aimed at young people because these are the type of cars that young people show interest in. however I feel that the Toyota advert is aimed at older people or people with families because it looks like a family car. I would expect to see the Peugeot advertisement on the television and maybe pictures of it on billboards because I think that Peugeot are quite popular cars. The Toyota advertisement, I would expect to see pictures of it in newspapers and maybe on television adverts because families mostly watch television together and I think that the Toyota Yaris is a great family car.

The visual images in both advertisements are interesting, this is my opinion from looking at the pictures in the Peugeot advertisement, I get the message that Peugeot is a fast car because at the bottom of the page it says ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ but my opinion of this advert is that I think that the Peugeot advert would be better if it had a actual photo of the Peugeot 206. However the picture in the Toyota Yaris advertisement makes me feel that this car is light fast and the cheapest Toyota out at the moment it is also cheap for petrol. The Toyota is the obvious choice of the two cars but as my opinion for my first car I would rather have a Peugeot than Toyota cause I prefer the shape, size and style of it.

The actual brand name of the car is clearly in both the Peugeot and the Toyota advertisements, it is clearer in the Toyota advert because it is in bigger and bolder font than the Peugeot adverts writing. Both the Peugeot and Toyota adverts have slogans the slogan for the Peugeot is ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ which implies to me that the Peugeots are fast cars. Whereas the slogan for Toyota is; the car in front is a Toyota’ which suggests to me that Toyota’s are popular cars and their slogan is saying look at the car in front, there is a chance it is a Toyota. In the Toyota advert there is also another slogan that reads ‘the new Toyota Yaris defies logic’ this means that the Toyota Yaris is the kind of car you can only dream of. I think that these slogans are effective because they encourage people to buy the cars. I prefer the slogan for the Peugeot advert because it advertises the cars speed.

There is some written information in both adverts. In the Toyota one, I feel that there is enough information about the car itself. There are many positive words about the product, such as in the Toyota Yaris advert it says about all the cars good features. The sentences in the advert are generally short which I think is effective because they only contain the main information needed. The language used in the advert is formal, which I think is effective because otherwise people wouldn’t want to read about the car, as the writing wouldn’t be appropriate. There are many technical words in Toyota Yaris advert, for instance the advert contents talks about drivers air bags, seat belts and ABS.

Which I think is really good because it lets the person who might want to buy the vehicle know what its features are. However in the Peugeot advert, I feel that there is not enough information about the car itself. At the bottom of the page it says for more information call then it says a phone number. There are not many positive words about the car and the sentences are generally very short and only have a two or three words per sentence which I don’t think is effective and I don’t think that many people will ring that number to find out more information about the car.

The language in the Peugeot advert is the type of language that is used in everyday life and there are not any technical words, which I feel is not effective at all. Overall I prefer the amount and content of the written information for the Toyota Yaris, because you can find a lot more out about the car than in the Peugeot one. In the Peugeot advert, the writing is at the bottom of the page, which I like because after people see the picture of the car they look to the bottom for further information.

Which I like because it’s the layout I would use if I were advertising something. The writing could do with being a little bit bigger as it is quite small. Some of the writing is written in capital letters but it is mostly in small letters, which I think is best. The Toyota adverts writing is spread out all over the page, which I personally dislike but other readers may like it. The size of the writing is mainly little but it is in bigger font sometimes. The description of the car is in small letters but the slogan and catchphrases are in capital letters. I think that the general layout of the advert is good and has some other pictures as well.


For this media assignment I have come to the conclusion that of the two advertisements I prefer, the Toyota Yaris advert as I think that it advertises the product more. The main reasons for me choosing this advert are that, I feel that the Toyota advert offers more information about the product, whereas the Peugeot advert doesn’t offer any information about the product except the price and a phone number to call for more information. However I still think that Peugeot are a better car than Toyota but this is simply just an opinion.

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