An analysis of golf retail websites

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Accuracy. Both the company and the web designers are contactable and reputable. Perhaps further details as regards the status and history of the company could be more readily available. The purpose of the document is precise and clear the user. The retail of golf equipment has become commonplace on the Internet now. As regards the source of the document and whom it was designed by (Peloton Web Designs) it can be assumed that the Webmaster is well established. The author and provider of information however are not immediately clear and the company as a whole provides all product details.

Although this information is accurate and all positive aspects of each product discussed in detail, there is no comment on any possible problems or limitations, for instance which type of club would suit which level of golfer. This is possibly a standard sales ploy, to avoid product limitations. 2. Authority. Information on the webmaster and company for whom the website represents are clearly shown. There is no individual although company details are provided. Qualifications and a portfolio of work is provided solely be the web designer.

The document is UK based as shown by the URL. 3. Objectivity. This is clearly a retail website. All information provided is of a sales nature, be it from offering sale price reductions to highlighting the benefits of each product. This clearly places a slightly biased slant to the web page but any subjective opinions are balanced also by objective information. Where necessary sufficient detail is offered to satisfy the user such as security of personal information.

Advertising is also minimal and if other companies appear it won’t be as pop-up windows but logos merely showing which organisations the golf retail contract out. 4. Currency. With a website such as this it is vital that everything is kept up to date. People are after the latest equipment at the market price. Although it fails to mention when the page was last updated it appears to have all the cutting edge equipment and prices that are competitive within the UK market. All links are also fully operational, even a direct map link showing directions to the where the company is based.

Coverage. This website is accessible by all and is also quick to load, even when operating a fairly slow modem. Despite this images are highly detailed and information on each page is adequate. The links are all clearly labelled, aiding navigation, with the ease of always returning to the homepage. Facilities such as the internal search engine are also highly efficient and effective. Overall this is a well designed, well structured page that offers much for the golf consumer.

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