An Analysis of a Scene from Terminator 2

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Terminator 2 was directed and produced by James Cameron; it was released in the US on the 3rd of July, 1991. It starred Arnold Schwarzenegger (the T-800), Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor), Edward Furlong (John Connor), Robert Patrick (T-1000), and Earl Boen (Dr. Peter Silberman). Both groundbreaking and breathtaking in its day; it still stands up to modern films. The star of this film, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was paid $15 million dollars for this film.

Terminator 2 is a science fiction chase film with a whole lot of action, imagination and even a little bit of humour. Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and John Conner (Edward Furlong) are chased by the seemingly unstoppable T-1000 (Robert Patrick), but they have an acquaintance who will not let the T-1000 (Robert Patrick) get a hold of them, the T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

In the scene that we are looking at takes place after the helicopter crash that ends when the T-800 shoots the T-1000. This is a chase scene where Sarah, John and the T-800 are being chased by a lorry containing liquid nitrogen. The scene contains action, explosions, crashes and gunfire. The T-1000, in a police uniform emerges from the wreckage and stabs an innocent man as he asks him if he is “alright”, this shows us how relentless the T-1000 is.

In the scene that we were looking at, they used an array of camera angles. Including Medium Close-Ups, Close-Ups, Extreme Close-ups, and Medium Shots, an example of these are when they showed the truck that the T-800, John and Sarah went in fitted in to the shot quite nicely, but with the lorry that the T-1000 was in didn’t fit into the shot, this makes the lorry look huge and menacing to the audience. There is a medium shot in the scene that we are looking at where the truck is being hit from behind by the big lorry; this shows us the comparison between the sizes of the two vehicles.

In this scene there are lots of blacks, greys, blues, and other dark colours, this gives it a kind of creepy feel to the scene, I think that the black gives a sense of death and fear to the movie and it shows us that it is nighttime. The blue gives a cold feel to the scene. The scene is very dark; the huge lorry is white which makes it look even bigger than it is because of the black background.

In this scene, some background music creates quite a lot tension, which is good for this type of film. There is a lot of screeching in this scene with all the car crashes that go on, at the end of the scene the music and other sound all die down as Arnold Schwarzenegger says his legendary line “Hasta la vista, baby”.

There are a couple of good special effects in this scene; one is when the helicopter crashes into the back of the police van that the T-800 and the Connors “borrow” and another is when the T-800 shoots the T-1000 and he shatters. The costume that the T-1000 transformed into was a police costume. Which usually shows us authority, this tells me that he is the stronger of the two terminators and that he is doing the chasing which is normally the case with the police, and so this is a good choice of costume for him. Whereas the T-800 is wearing a leather jacket, which makes him look like a bit of a troublemaker, perhaps being chased by a policeman? John and Sarah Connor are just wearing normal clothes that normal people used to wear in the sixty’s

I think that terminator 2 is very successful in creating drama and tension because of all the action and humour in it. There are some twists that I didn’t expect to happen, for example, I didn’t expect the T-1000 to jump into that helicopter and order that man to get out, that was funny.

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